Just One Of Those Days

May 08, 2014

It's really horrible weather here today. The kind that either makes you feel horrid or actually makes you happy because it's an excuse to stay in and get cosy whilst watching Disney films whilst wearing no makeup! It's really rainy and windy and it's so loud I have to put the volume up on my laptop!

I was struggling to think as to what to write for today's blog. I've been cheeky this week and given you 1 extra blog post- surprise! You lucky things! I think sometimes it's too much to write about a certain topic every time, and that in fact what a lot of you probably like to read is just little updates and life snippets- I know I do! So today I thought I would do just that!

I'm feeling rather groggy today as I went out last night for a course social with a lovely group of girls and it was a lot of fun. I didn't drink much; in my previous posts I've told you I don't really like drinking much. Nevertheless staying out until 2am dancing always makes me feel cranky and groggy because all of my body starts to ache.

So far today, I woke up at 12:30pm- naughty! I actually thought it was about 9:30 and then panicked. Although I probably needed the sleep so we'll let that one slide. I've had one of those Actimel yogurt drink thingies and a healthy little bowl of salad because I'm trying to be more healthy. Probably won't last long because I really fancy some crisps and chocolate right now-hmm! I was supposed to be going to the doctors, but the my online request has been approved meaning I can pop in tomorrow and pickup my prescription, meaning I don't have to walk there today in this weather- bonus! I hate doctors surgeries, they just aren't nice, and it's the same with dentist surgeries. They are all so quite and smell TOO clean and for some reason I often feel
intimidated and patronised! (Just me?).

Just went out to spend a bit of my NewLook gift card that I think I got in January! Exciting stuff especially when there is a sale! I came back to my flat to find an envelope that had been pushed under my door, about moving out of halls- how sad! I can't believe my first year is almost done! It has flown by. And yes, by the way I have now eaten a packet of crisps so that healthy eating didn't even last for the time spent writing this blog. Oh well balanced diet and all *winks*. It's really strange because my friend/flat mate has gone home for a couple of days and its spooky quiet around here. keep having to think of things to do. Looking around I can see my room is in much need of a tidy but I just can't be bothered right now! I'm so lazy... perhaps I'll tidy whilst getting ready later, although that doesn't seem likely. The last time I multi-tasked I was doing my makeup whilst eating crisps- a productive thing you might thing, but no. Because you get salt in you foundation and you suddenly creative a stingy exfoliating foundation!

As of now I am sitting at my desk writing this. Thinking about having another cup of tea- my day just can't function without it!

I'm not really sure where this post was going, but sometimes I like to just write. So there is my little life snippet, as boring as I'm sure it was. Why don't you all comment and let me know what you are all doing with your day! :D

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