How To Be A Better You

May 15, 2014

Have you ever felt like you have so much to give, yet you can't seem to give it? I know I have, and that's why I felt it was important to write about becoming the better you. We all have a version of ourselves that we like more, you know, the kind who always has an answer or come back? Well unfortunately most of the time we spend our days worrying and stressing about that person we want to be, that we forget about the real person who is dying to come out. So here are my 5 steps to becoming a better you....

Step 1.) Find out what it is that makes you happy.
It is extremely important that we feel comfortable doing what we do, and that usually comes with happiness. I know that I find my confidence when I am doing something I enjoy and feel comfortable with- I feel a lot happier about the way I am also. Doing the things that make us happy, will all round make us feel better about ourselves. It will allow us to forget about what others think of us and start enjoying the freedom away from our thoughts. Once you start enjoying yourself, those worries suddenly fade and you realise you stop thinking about them so much.

Step 2.) Take opportunities.
Don't pass up opportunities to do things. They may just be your big break, or chance to meet some wacky new people, or even try new foods. I know sometimes we feel nervous about taking opportunities, but once you take them, your confidence will rise and make you glad you did it. Also, if opportunities don't come to you, why not go to them. There is no harm in being bold and going for it, and putting yourself out there. For example, in business terms, instead of waiting for them to request you, email them and let them know who you are. Being bold and confident and pushy sometimes gets you further than you'd think. Don't hold back, just go for it! What have you got to lose?

Step 3.) Talk to people.
I used to always feel nervous talking to people, and worry about what I said or how I was perceived. Once you get over that barrier, you will be able to have good conversations without worrying. So stop and chat to people you know on the street. Ask about them and don't feel shy about telling them all about what you've been doing. Walking away from that conversation will make you feel happy, confident and in control- as if you handled the situation well. It sounds silly but trust me it works. So say hello to people and don't be afraid to ask questions and start discussions.

Step 4.) Get organised and be productive.
There is nothing worse that clutter and disorganisation. So tidy and clean and file etc. Make you work, or house, or even you blog look organised. Once you have you'll feel a weight has lifted and feel much more relaxed. Once you have relaxed you'll feel happier and productive. And more so, you will have more time on your hands to do things- such as arranging to go out with friends, or read, or shop!

Step 5.) Get in touch with who you really are.
Ask yourself 'Am I really the person who my head creates or is that just a fictitious character I have developed?'. Sounds complicated but let me argue my case. I always used to see myself in my head- an alter ego shall we say. And I always compared myself to her, and felt as though she was the real me. She was cooler, prettier and funnier and much more confident than I was. And it used to get me down just thinking about 'when will the outer me start acting like the inner me?'. So I asked myself, 'Is she really me? Am I capable of being her?' And the answer was mostly no.  And do not be disheartened by this, I'm sure there are plenty of her/his qualities that you can learn from and alter to your heart's content. But do not rely on this alter ego. Be who you are and work on that. Be confident and do not hold back. Be proud of who you are and how you are.

I hope these 5 steps have helped. If you would like more tips and advice then please leave a comment!

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