20 Signs That You Are Poor

May 06, 2014

So, many students are probably in the same boat- not having enough money for things they need even with a student loan. A lot of people think students have it easy, but it is untrue when you don't have enough money to buy food...
So I thought It'd be funny to write about the 20 signs that you are poor.

1.) Your cupboards and fridges are full of Everyday Value items from Tesco! And if not then your cupboards are empty!

2.) You spend a lot of time drinking Tea, gazing out of the window, watching other people have fun- because you have no money yourself to go out an do things.

3.) Primark becomes you place of worship. 

4.) Lambrini is your answer to every night out because it seems like the only alcohol that is under £3.

5.) You spend way too much time looking for coupons and vouchers online. My friend actually typed 'Free Stuff' into Google the other night... no luck. Poor us. Apparently the Internet doesn't like to give out free stuff.... who knew right?

6.) You actually get excited buying healthy food, because it's been so long since you've been able to afford any.

7.) A new microwave miraculously appearing in the kitchen is the height of your week's excitement and entertainment.

8.) You continue to eat food that you made the night before and forgot to put in the fridge and has just been sitting there.... Mmm.

9.) You online shop a lot. And when I say online shop I mean online window shop, because you can't afford that kind of luxury.

10.) You are constantly running out of underwear and socks, and are forced to hand wash them, because the washing machines and tumble dryers are out of your price range and budget.

11.) You buy vitamins, because the food you can afford is no good for your health and is probably slowly making your insides rot. 

12.) You walk everywhere, even if it means miles just to get a carton of milk. If transport isn't free, you're not on it.

13.) You go to any event that has 'free food' in the description. Even if you don't want to go to the event.

14.) Pre drinks are more fun than nights out because they are free- usually!

15.) Going to the pub to see friends but ordering a tap water or splashing out and buying a 20p lime cordial.

16.) Bulk buying takeaway so you can save it for future meals.

17.) Buying a house for second year that is practically on Lidl's doorstep, so to avoid the queues!

18.) Watching a Seagull, on it's nest because it kind of feels like watching the nature channel, and let's face it you couldn't afford that!

19.) Joining countless online survey sites in the chance you might earn £5 or a voucher for some unheard of shop.

20.) The only money you have a lot of is 2ps, which is brilliant for 2p machines at the arcade. If you win something... well that's just the best part of your week.

Okay so there you have it. I'm sure there are so many more. So please let me know what you have all experienced, whether as students or not.

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