My Life in Leggings

May 27, 2014

Okay so this is a long shot, but I recently stayed up watching Jenna Marbles videos because they are hilarious and if you haven't watched her videos, you definitely should! Anyway, I came across a rather recent video called 'True Life: I'm Addicted To Leggings' and it made me laugh so much because it related to me so much.

It's totally true, I own so many leggings and literally wear them everyday. They go with everything!!! I feel it is a bit of an obsession. The amount of days I've put jeans on, and then quickly changed back into leggings. It's a sickness-a legging sickness! But they seriously are the most comfortable items of clothing I've ever worn, it feels as though it's just a warm layer of skin, that fits perfectly around my legs, giving them clothing hugs. I even wear them until they have holes in them and I refuse to throw them away. I know my week will be fine and comfortable as long as I have a few clean pairs of leggings in my draw.

The only problem is, I find it hard to wear any other form of trousers now. Jeans just aren't comfortable. So I guess I'll just put another pair of leggings on. Guess what I'm wearing today? Leggings of course, I put them on instinctively now, and I don't even question it.

I live my life in leggings .

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