Call Me A Feminist...

May 20, 2014

Since coming to University, I have noticed a huge divide in genders. I have recognised that a large amount of female students are or consider themselves to be Feminists, myself including. It's actually been lovely to meet other strong women who are independent and have their own views about sexuality, sexism and gender equality etc. Having gone through my fair share of well, crap from men, my views over the years have changed, and of course as the years go on, so does my life, I get older and what comes with age, is different experiences. You learn as you grow and see men in different lights, some you see as men, some you see as boys still due to the way they behave.

I think it is fair to say that there is still a lot of sexism in this world, and that women are often targeted or treated as objects and are simply something to add up and count, to some men. Women are renamed as vulgar vocabulary, that only relates to genitalia, suggesting women are nothing but 'sex on legs'.

HOWEVER, I may call myself a Feminist, but I think some people have got feminism completely wrong. After reading an article in The Telegraph by Natasha Devon, I realised that I found myself somewhat agreeing. She, a feminist herself, stated that she felt as though modern day feminists believe all men are evil. And it's true, a lot of feminists appear completely against all things 'male'. And the thing is a lot of feminists still have boyfriends, husbands and partners- surely if they believed that all men are evil, then they wouldn't want to be anywhere near them. Either this or in fact not many feminists actually believe this but other people think that it is what ALL feminists are like. So perhaps this belief that all men are evil could just be a stereotype?

And I'm not against these women in any way, I think that they have been taught to believe such things, or perhaps bad experiences have led them to. I myself went through a stage when I believed that all men wanted the same things and were as disrespectful as the last. However I found this not to be true.

 Of course unfortunately a lot of men are, and do treat women horrifically. But surely for the men out there who are gentlemen and who do treat women well, we are giving them a bad name. In someways we aren't giving them a chance, because they aren't the ones doing anything wrong. That is why it is bad to generalise sexism, because it does not occur in all men, and I think that a lot of feminists and other people think that it does or at least preach it to others.

Since being at university, I have also noticed how alcohol is a major factor in student life. Now whilst there is nothing wrong with enjoying alcohol, I believe there is a right way of going about things and a wrong way- and this includes both genders. I have seen just as many drunk females as I have drunk males. So the attitude that all boys want is to 'binge drink' is incorrect... in fact, if it's the way you feel, you should be saying 'all people/students seem to want is to binge drink' because it is not just men who drink. However, to be honest the drunken attitudes I have seen at university have tended to be a lot worse in men, and I have noticed a lot who take females home and sleep with them, who then mock the female or laugh about her the next day #ittakestwototango. So unfortunately a lot of feminist females at universities are exposed to a lot of negative male behaviour- so is it any wonder we have been lead to think this way?

However, in the article I mentioned above, it also stated than being whistled at is a compliment. Whilst some women may see it as this, I disagree and believe that being whistled at is simply to acknowledge the fact you are a woman, rather than your actual beauty. It also makes women feel anxious and intimidated. So I don't think it should really be taken as much of a  compliment!

My point is, not all men are bad. Unfortunately I myself have been swayed by the feminism of today by bad experiences and the feeling of being different and feeling insignificant to men. However we seem to forget that we have probably met a lot of lovely young men in our lifetimes. So keep strong to your feminist views and be independent women, but don't believe that ALL men are evil because they are not. If you are against binge drinking, keep that view, if you are against drugs, keep that view, if you are against whatever else, it's okay to keep your views and feel the way you do, but we need to learn to not generalise all men and to realise that some women, in fact, can actually be just as bad.

Besides, Feminism shouldn't just be about this. It should be about equality and equal rights and the things that previous women have stood for. Instead of being portrayed as victims of men, we, as feminists of today, should stand up and be stronger than ever for ourselves... not for anyone else!

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