My Day In The Life Fail

May 17, 2014

Hi guys, so today's vlog will have to be a blog. I will still be blogging tomorrow,but felt guilty leaving you all with nothing, especially as it's Saturday. So basically I was planning to do a Day in the Life style video, but it pretty much failed. I recorded footage but most of it won't load to my computer and also I spent most of my day sunbathing, which I realise is not in the slightest bit interesting for you all to watch. So apologies there!

Here was the intro of my poor vlog that failed....It started off so promising!

So today I wanted to do a big food shop. With only two weeks left in halls, I needed more food as otherwise I'd be living off soup for fourteen day- not good! So myself and Leo headed to town.

We came back with three disposable BBQs and BBQ food. Not exactly a big food shop- oops!

Oh well we couldn't pass up this opportunity. And it was lush, we had spicy chicken wings and burgers! We then spent about 3 hours sun bathing which was glorious. We were planning on going round Southsea Castle- because I love a bit of history! But unfortunately it was closed by the time we were done sunning ourselves!

When I got back, ready to edit my video, I had such a nightmare, because I couldn't load the footage and then half of it disappeared, like I said. So I know this blog does not make up for it but at least I didn't forget about you! Even though it is the most beautiful day out, I still was thinking of you guys!

Also, I had a weird encounter. There I was lying in the beautiful sunshine when this small child came hurtling towards me and then practically sat on me. He/she spoke no words but just stared. I was majorly creeped out!

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