Beauty Comes From Within

May 04, 2014

Good day to all you beautiful blog readers! Today I thought I'd write a little bit about beauty itself. What is beauty? How do we become beautiful? And really the answer is simple. Everyone holds beauty within them. You probably don't believe me and have heard it said a thousand times, but it's honestly true.

To many people, beauty is determined by ones' appearance, clothes, hair, make-up etc. Some people only focus on the outer shell. 

Let's break it down a bit...

If we all had no skin or flesh... all that would be left would be a skeleton. And despite minor details, most skeletons tend to look pretty similar. And it's something we all have- a skeleton. So deep down underneath we are all very much the same. Whatever skin colour we are, or hair colour, eye colour, we all are made of bones, which are made of the same stuff. 

I know that probably hasn't made you feel much better about yourself, but we're only just starting.

I think this Earth is beautiful, and the trees and the sea, and the mountains and all the animals that share this planet with us. And I think that you are beautiful, because you truly are. How would I know you may say? I can't see you? And that's exactly it, I shouldn't have to see you to know the beauty you all hold, because beauty doesn't have to be something you see or look at. It can be something you feel, or the way you act. 

And to me, a somewhat beautiful face, is no where near as important as a beautiful heart.

I know what it feels like to feel ugly or not as pretty as someone else- everyone in their lifetime will surely feel that. But I think the most beautiful thing to do is to be yourself and not let anyone stop you. So don't feel jealous of the pretty popular girl in school who bullies people- if she isn't beautiful on the inside, then how beautiful is she truly?

I know it is hard to keep this frame of mind, and keeping it alone and to yourself may seem tricky, especially if you are a victim of bullying or horrid comments, or simply just feeling down. But it really does feel good to finally believe in your own beauty and not someone else's. 

So this blog post sort of has two messages. Deep down we are all the same(skeleton) so we should not judge others or ourselves. And also with that in mind we can be extremely different and unique and that should always come into consideration. You may never look like another girl, but she will NEVER look like you either, and you should embrace your own body and mind and self.

Beauty comes from within. It is not always the beauty you show, but the beauty you hold.

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