Soap & Glory Flirtigo Body Moisturising Mist | Review

September 03, 2015

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I get a bit lazy with 'after shower skin prep' and most of the time I just put on deodorant and then throw some clothes on. But then I found this - Soap & Glory Flirtigo Body Moisturising Mist. This has become one of my favourite products as the moment due to how simple and quick it is to use, not to mention how amazing it smells.

Just a few spritz of this bad boy (rub it in) will leave your skin feeling really firm and super soft and of course smelling great. I feel with this, there is no need for perfume as it acts as a body spray as well.

I cannot fault this product as it's only given me good results. Because it comes out in a mist, the product lasts so long and it take ages to get through the bottle, which means less money spent of refills! Definitely something to think about if you're a student.

This Soap & Glory Flirtigo Body Moisturising Mist is the perfect post-shower treat, even for the laziest of people (like myself). It takes no longer than a few minutes to apply and it leaves you feeling amazing all day long! I highly recommend getting this product!

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  1. This sounds lovely! I like that it lasts as well as I often find that mists can disappear almost as quickly as I put them on!

  2. Love Soap and Glory but I've never used this before, it sounds like a dream! xxxxx

  3. I get in the shower with good intension, but when I get out I just want to put a dressing gown on. This sounds perfect. I wanted to try the vaseline spray moisturiser, although this would smell so much better.



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