Everything Happens For a Reason

March 24, 2014

I'm not sure how much of that statement is true. I do think that sometimes things happen for no reason, and we have no control over how or why the occur. But I truly believe that some things are predetermined, and DO happen for a reason.

Many cultures and religions believe in fate and destiny, and have different ideas as to our life's paths. Now, whether you believe that God is in control or your own self, I know we all want to have hope that bad things can be erased by the good. For example in Buddhist culture, there is the idea of Karma- bad things will happen when you do something bad, and good things will happen to those who are good. I personally like this idea- even though being a Christian. I'd like to believe that cruel people will be punished for their behaviour and heroic, kind hearted people will be rewarded. I also believe that sometimes good people  have to go through bad times, in order to appreciate the good times. Whether it be the loss of a loved one, or a heart break, or just a bad grade. Perhaps in some cases bad things could be a sign for better things to come.

Sometimes it is comforting to think that 'everything happens for a reason'. It gives us hope. And if the world turns to nothing, all we will have left is hope. Hope is what keeps us moving on. And we have to move on. Otherwise the past will continue to bite us even when it's gone. You could watch the years past as you dwell on something that once happened, and you could miss what is right in front of you. Don't let the past make you miss the present.

I think all of us, what ever religion we are or even if we're atheist, want to believe in something. We all want to have hope that on the other side there is a better place. This doesn't necessarily have to be about the after life. The other side, to me, is the part of your life where you overcome something and move past it to see how bright the future still is and can be. Never lose faith in yourself and never give up on yourself. For whatever reason you are here, living on this earth. And I find that fascinating. We have all been given this chance.

So even when bad things happen that we can't control, whether they happen for a reason or not, we must not dwell on them. Simply accept the past as it is, and learn from it.

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