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March 04, 2014

I haven't written in a while, and for that I am deeply sorry (I hope you haven't been too bored- I'm sure you haven't!). I've been really thinking recently about what is a worthy blog post to write, and one that people would really enjoy.
Okay, so this one isn't for everyone, but i've been meaning to start reviewing products and writing about them, so I thought i'd start today. The products I am going to be reviewing today is Tanning products- I know, some of you will be turning you nose up at this post! Sorry!
Although that may be true, I'll tell you a little bit about why I am writing this and tanning products. Some people out there are so lucky, to have darker skin that bronzes beautifully under the sun beams. Other ( such as myself) are not so lucky in that area. I'm am speaking on behalf of the population who have fair, pale skin and burn rather than tan. Ah, this is where my reviews come in. SO tanning naturally feels great it is of coruse very dangerous, and although I am pale and often wish I had darker skin, I would not change my skin for anything. I would much prefer to use fake tan, that I can create a tan all year round that doesn't damage my skin, than go out in the sun and permanently damage my skin. Not only can it lead to skin conditions, but when you get old you'll have really wrinkly skin. So to all you pale folk who hate their skin, stop! Its not the end of the world, and these products not only keep you safe, but are cheap as well!!

Product number 1.)
Garnier Body- Summer Body

This product is fantastic. It may cost around £5, which to some student may still be a bit pricey, but it honestly does last quite a while. I've had this bottle since last summer, and although I did not use it every night and only used it when I needed it, I still have enough left. Of course all products with a tanning ingredients seem to have a smell, and to be honest all of them will have a slight smell because of that ingredient. So getting a product that doesn't smell will bequite hard!! HOWEVER this Garnier Summer Body smells good. Its blended with natural apricot extracts which help keep the 'tan' smell at bay for a while. It's also a moisturising gradual tan that builds up the more you apply it, which not only makes you tanning process seem more natural but it leaves your skin in a great soft condition. It really does make your skin glow. Just be careful to either wear gloves of wash your hands well after use- I made this mistake and have very orange palms the next day!!

Product number 2.)
St. Moriz- Instant self tanning mist.
Although this tan is instant, I wouldn't reccommend putting it on straight before you go out as it does smell very strong! Put it on before bed and shower off in the morning. Althought it's instant it also lasts a few days, like a spray tan would. Being instant is great because you can really see where you've applied already, so you can avoid streaks or missed patches! I absolutely love this product as its only about £2 in some shops and last ages. You can get it in a lotion form, a mist/spray form or mousse. I personally prefered the mousse as I felt it applied better to my skin. But that's just me! I would highly reccommend this product!

Product number 3.)
Bronze Ambition-Glow'N'Go
This product is fantastic for those who don't have time to go through the lengthy tanning process. This wash on wash off tanning lotion is great for applying if you're in a hurry or about to go out. You can pop it in your bag for quick cover ups. It also smells great. Just be CAREFUL though, as it will go on light coloured clothing- so leave to dry before applying clothes and try and avoid white!

Product number 4.)
Nip and Fab-365 Body Glow Fix

This product I am yet to decide on. It smells good and is a nice clear gell, however I am yet to have results with it. My friend is currently trying it out for me, so as soon as weget results i'll perhaps upload it. I cannot tell whether this product works on my skin or not, whether this was because when I first tried it I already had another tanning product on or not.

Please feel free to agree or disagree in the comment box and let me know what you think about these products! Hope you have enjoyed this post and that it's been to use.

Happy tanning!!


I apologise for uploading issues- tonight has been a nightmare in terms of blogging for me!!

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