5 Things You Take For Granted As A Kid

March 18, 2014

Wasn't being a child just the most fun you've ever had? Wasn't it so easy and magical? Now, as you're speedily growing up faster than your body promised(dear body, I thought we had a deal?), things are being revealed to you as harder than they once looked. Being 20 and having finally turned into an age where I no longer can use the excuse' I'm a kid' or 'i'm still a teenager', I'm having to come to terms with the fact I actually have to do things now! 

1.) Cooking. When you're a kid, meals magical appear in front of your eyes, and my goodness they were beautiful. Lightly fluffed potatoes with lush thick gravy that made your taste bud jump with happiness or a lake of baked beans topped with cheese, and a fillet of meat to end the dish perfectly(not necessarily all together, but you get the idea). Now you're a grown up,you have to learn to cook, and I don't mean turning to your trusty friend, the microwave, though he has stuck by you through a lot! And for some reason your attempts to imitate your mother's meals, seems to fail and meals end up looking like a pile of mush. There is just something about your mother's cooking. But as a kid you don't think about the time or effort that it takes to produce such meals. Now as a grown up I finally understand why 'it'll be ready when its ready' is the only thing you can tell a child- because lets face it timing is hard!

2.) Cleaning. The floor was wonderfully soft and clean, the coffee table had no rings on it and the bathroom always sparkled. Now it feels like an on going chore that never ends. You wash all the dishes up then have to re-use them for having a cup of tea and slice of toast and so on-it never ends!! Not to mention the amount you have to spend on washing up liquid. It never ran out when you were a kid, why now that you're an adult does it seem to disappear before your own eyes?!

3.) Laundry. Ever wondered how your dirty clothes ended up back in your wardrobe? It's because your mum cleaned them in something called a washing machine ( I know right, who knew?). Now, if you're a student or someone who isn't able to buy their own machine yet, you have to lug all your dirty washing to the nearest laundrette and save and collect your pennies for weeks just to do one load of washing, only for the tumble dryers to not fully dry your clothes. Absolute madness!

4.) Money. As a child you really do think money grows on trees, not literally, but you believe that its just there and you don't have to worry about it. Well, to be fair things were cheaper then, like what's up with 99p ice creams not being 99p anymore? But you don't understand how money works or where it comes from because it doesn't concern you. When you get older you start to realise its value and how its actually quite a difficult thing to get. Everything you do become dependent on it and how much you have and you start to realise how much you wasted it as a kid. (Mine went mostly on sweets and figurines)

5.)Free time. When you're young, you feel free, you can play all day, and run wild. As soon as school is over you'd kick off your shoes and lounge or ride your bikes around the streets, and although we truly appreciated, I so wish I'd savoured every moment. For now, we take what ever free time we can get and even then we choose to spend it drinking tea or sitting around. Now its hard to get free time and fit it in between working and studying.

So there you have it, five things we take for granted as children. My advice to you all would to appreciate everything in life as it comes, as you don't know what you're going to miss when you get older. I think we all need to thank our mums and dads more for all they did for us also- we had no idea when we were little how much they actually did for us!!!

Thanks Mum and Dad

P.S Life is hard.

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