Australian GP 2014

March 16, 2014

With Easter lurking just around the corner, and endless amounts of deadlines for students, most people are probably stressing about work or excited for the days after hand in day. But not this girl. No, besides having that usual stress, today was different for me. Judge me all you want, but this morning I wasn't thinking about deadlines or word counts or referencing, no, I was thinking about the Grand Prix. The Australian Grand Prix, and the first of the 2014 Formula One season. As you can probably tell already, from previous posts, I am a fan or F1. Well, 'fan' is a bit of an understatement, but hey ho! Anyway I know this topic may not interest all, but what I really wanted to do with my blog was write posts that are aimed at anyone and everyone, and after doing various blogs on beauty and music, I feel sport needs to be touched upon as well.

      It seems that the focus of sport in England, and a lot of other countries, is football. I'm not sure why, and I know I'll have people reading this 'hatin' on me for saying it, but it really is just kicking a ball around. Funnily enough I used to liked the sport- I used to play. But nowadays all it seems to do is encourage poor behaviour in youth, and I personally don't think that is the intended effect of the sport.

        Formula One however, brings excitement to a whole new level. Don't believe me? Well I don't blame you. From first glance, F1 may seem like lap after lap of repetitive driving, but trust me when I say all will be revealed after you watch your first couple of races. I did, and I've never stopped watching since. I'm hooked. And this morning at 5:30am I sleepily pulled myself out of bed to watch the Grand Prix as I do for every race, of every season. There is something magical about the excitement a sport can bring, especially when it comes down to support, and support is something that is overwhelmingly powerful in F1.

        To fill you in, the race was full of exciting moments, thrilling chicanes, and knuckle biting anticipation, along with a few tyres flying off here and there! Nico Rosberg won the race- and it was a well deserved win, after such an amazing start off the starting line, where he came from third and moved ahead of pole sitter Lewis Hamilton. There were eight retirements meaning there were only fourteen cars left racing! Daniel Ricciardo gained a well deserved 2nd place, but shortly after being rewarded, stewards found a fault in the regulations of his car meaning he was disqualified from the race! This meant however that McLaren's Kevin Magnussen and Jenson Button, took 2nd and 3rd place!

       It looks as if the 2014 season is off to a very enjoyable season, and with so many races ahead, it is impossible to see where it'll end!
So I may be a loser for waking up so early and running on three hours sleep all day, but the passion I have for that sport is shocking and I know others feel the same. Its the kind of sport you are either passionate about or not at all.
For other F1 fanatics out there, please comment your opinions and favourite drivers or races, as I'd love to hear from you!!

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