5 Beauty Disasters to Avoid | Guest Post

September 03, 2016

Hey, you must be thinking 'this is not Laura?' so I should explain to you all that I am guest posting on the lovely Laura's blog which is my first ever guest collab blog (thingy). We both thought it would be an amazing idea to spice up our blogs and give you all some tips about beauty (I'll try my best but I'm no expert). This blog post is mostly about mistakes I have come across in starting out with makeup and skincare, so I've mostly made most of these mistakes but we live and we learn  so here we go!
1.Don't curl your eyelashes after applying mascara.
It can really damage your natural lashes and cause them to become weak and even pull all of them out. EEEK! The stickiness of the mascara can get stuck to the eyelash curler and pull your eyelashes out in the process. Not ideal. It is probably painful, disgusting and most of all heartbreaking. So keep them long lashes safe! Instead, curl your eyelashes gently before and let your mascara hold the curl much better! 
2. Use the right skincare products for your skin.
I've made the mistake of not knowing what was my skin type when I was first in to beauty and would waste my money on products that are not suited for my skin - (acne prone cleansers, irritated skin masks) I didn't need all these things, not on a daily basis anyway! I was more of a dehydrated, dry skin girl who didn't suffer from acne or irritated skin, so using all these products just made my skin worse, they also wasted a lot of money!
I would advise you to go and find out your skin type, there's many tests online which you can do for free. For example, the Body Shop do this amazing quiz which allows them to pick out products suited for, try it here. Also, this is an amazing quiz from TeenVogue, click here to find out your skin type. It will truly be a game changer and allow you to shop correctly and choose the right products for your skin.
3. Do not (I repeat) Do not pick at your spots.
I mean it! Don't do it! I know it may feel tempting to just pop that big, old volcano sitting on your cheek, but it can do more damage than good. Picking and popping your spots can just cause them to either scar your face or stay inflamed for longer. Which just goes against the whole idea! 
The best way I deal with spots is to leave them. I just carry on cleansing my face as normal but making sure to not rub the area. (It feels quite disgusting if you do, right?)  Also, if the spot is really getting on my nerves I will apply the good, old, trusty Sudocrem with a cotton bud to reduce the inflammation. 
Don't pick them spots girls! I mean it, don't! 
4. Don't sleep in your makeup
Okay, okay, you had a long day or a late night and taking off your makeup is the last thing on your mind but seriously - it's disgusting! It clogs your pores, causes breakouts and just ruins the pillows. Even if you are half asleep, sitting in bed (or even laying)  a cotton pad and a drop of micellar water can be a life saviour for your skin. Let it be free, let it breath!
So whip out that micellar water and get wiping girl!
5. Testing foundation on the back of your hand
Sadly, I'm still guilty of this one - surely everyone tests it on their hands. We see everyone do it at the busy makeup counter so just follow along. It's actually not the right way to find your true colour match as your face gets a different amount of sun exposure to your hands meaning it's more darker. Instead you should test foundation on your neck, jawline or cheek to get the most precise match.
Seems embarrassing to be spending streaks on your face in front of everyone but who cares? You will be leaving with a perfect foundation match and a product worth the cash!
Well, that's the end of my beauty tips, I hope you are able to take something from this post and enjoyed it! If you want to see more of me, I have my own blog and social media, so make sure you come over and say hello! 
I am a teen beauty and lifestyle blogger from London who posts anything from goals, tips, beauty reviews and monthly favourites! (Pssst...I love skincare!)


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