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August 25, 2016

Hi guys, today I am back with another beauty review.

I've never really used primer before because I never really understood what it did and if it worked. So that gave me the perfect excuse to go shopping a find a primer than I could try and then review on this blog. 

I didn't want anything too expensive because I didn't know how well it'd work and to go all out would be silly. So I found this one from Collection, which is a beauty brand that I already love and get a lot of products from.

I think it cost me £3.99 which is such good value for make-up. If you haven't checked Collection out, then you should because it is so good for people on a budget or students.

The primer works by minimising your pores, which in turn should help prevent make-up and dirt from getting inside them and causing blemishes. Smaller pores also results in a smoother, more airbrushed finish. It also makes your skin matte, taking away any bad shine and oil that your face may have. 

The primer itself feels really silky and soft and to be honest is an unusual texture because it's not exactly wet but almost feels it. However I like this because it feels so smooth and light on the skin.

After applying, I left my skin for a minute or two to let it settle and set more. This is because I didn't want to apply foundation straight away and rub the primer all off. I then applied my foundation with a beauty blender sponge because using my fingers probably would have resulted in an uneven finish. It went on really well and felt smooth and even. The overall finish was smooth and flawless and did, I think, look better than without primer.

Primer is also supposed to help your make-up stay put for longer. I always have issues with this and I touch my face a lot which is probably a bad habit, and make-up just doesn't seem to stay on my face. After using this primer, I did notice that my make-up stayed put for longer. It did still come off eventually but I think it lasted a bit longer when using this. I think it's just my combination skin that means make up either dries up and crusts on my face or is so oily than it runs off my face. Perhaps if my skin were to improve a bit, this primer would work even better.

Overall I enjoyed this product and think that it is a good addition to my make-up bag. And for only £3.99 you can't go wrong!

Speak soon

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  1. I've never thought of trying this one before, for such a small price I definitely will now! xx



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