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September 05, 2016

Hey guys, so if you've read my blog over the past couple of months, you'll know that in June I travelled to Disneyland Paris and wrote a couple of posts full of tips for going there yourself. Now, I promised you about 3 segments, and although it's taken me a while to upload this post, here it is.

Disneyland Paris Parks

If you've ever been to Disneyland before you'll know what I mean when I say that it feels as though you are stepping into a bubble, an alternate world where your cares and worries of reality simply slip away. It truly does feel amazing and for anyone who thinks that Disneyland is for children, you are completely wrong. If anything I've appreciated it more and more the older I've become.

I went for 4 nights and 5 days, which was an extra day longer than I've ever been before. This was great because we felt like we didn't have to rush to do anything, we could take our time and thoroughly enjoy ourselves without feeling like we had to abide by a strict schedule.

We arrived in the park at about 1pm on our first day, which was a Monday. It really wasn't busy at all compared to how it is in school holiday, which meant that we managed to walk on all the rides we wanted. The longest queue we had was about a 5 minute wait for the Buzz Lightyear ride... not long at all. After this we felt even more relaxed because on our first afternoon we'd already done so much, which left us with so much time to appreciate everything else.
During our trip we were able to enjoy perusing the shops and taking in the atmosphere and pretty buildings.

A tip for the best times to go on rides in my opinion would be during parades (if you aren't fussed about seeing parades!)  because so many people gather down mainstreet for the parades meaning queues become much shorter. Also waiting until later in the evening when some people have either gone back to hotels or gone for dinner. Or even when people start to gather for Disney dreams!

Before when I've gone to Disneyland I've spent maybe one day in Walt Disney Studios. This time however, and especially because we had an extra day, we felt we were able to share our time more. Also, me and my boyfriend found we enjoyed the rides so much in the studios that in the end we shared our time between both parks equally.

Our favourite rides in Disneyland:
Pirates of the Caribbean
Thunder Mountain- this was closed for our trip unfortunately but it's one of my faves
Space Mountain- we went on this a little too much though I think and our brains hurt a fair bit after.
Indiana Jones- again, like Space Mountain, it does rattle your head around a bit too much.

Our favourite rides in Studios:
Tower of Terror
Crush's Coaster
RC Racer

Best rides for people who like tame rides:
Small World
Buzz Lightyear
Peter Pan's Flight
Pirates of the Caribbean- there are a few drops but nothing too bad
Dumbo or Aladdin

Disneyland Paris has been so amazing, every time I've been it's been an incredible experience. I hope you've enjoyed hearing about my trip there and I hope that the next time I go I'll have more tales to tell, I may even vlog some of it!

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