Lazy Days

April 27, 2014

So today I woke up late. At about 12 O'clock- so I'd missed breakfast, which meant breakfast and lunch had to merge into one. My flat mate and I decided that today would be a Disney day, and we watched Cinderella and Peter Pan, which are personal faves, and I enjoyed some Easter chocolate during. Unfortunately I bit into my chocolate bunny's head- killing him instantly- he tasted good though! I think it's fair to say today has been a lazy day.

I think it's important to have 'lazy days' once in a while. Where you can sit around for hours drinking hot chocolate or tea, and dunking a biscuit in so daringly until it almost breaks off and kaplunks into its hot death. I think lazy days help us rejuvenate and relax. It extremely important to do so, because we gather so much stress and we sometimes need to let it out. It's good to chill out and let your emotions flow, and it's healthy.

After watching two Disney films and getting rather emotional and feeling nostalgic, I went for a run with my friend. Not exactly lazy you may think, but to be honest it wasn't exactly marathon worthy running! After jogging alongside the beach, we went to the playground and sat on the swings. You know, as adults do...

Well it was fun, and it made us feel like kids again which is always a pleasure!

Now, as I finish writing this little update, I'm sat with barely any emotions. Not because I don't feel any, but because I currently have a mud face pack on which is slowly tightening, and I can't move my face for fear of it cracking ( the mask, not my face)! I also have a very annoying itch which I can't scratch! I've  re-painted my nails, which are now a lovely fruity red colour, although I've already managed to chip it! How?!

Today has been  lazy, but I've loved it. Even if days aren't spent out and about, it doesn't mean they can't be cherished. Sometimes I crave these little moments, the simple things, and its good to enjoy them when you can. So sit back on the sofa and enjoy a romcom and don't feel guilty about it!!

Good Night! X

P.S sneezing when you have a face pack on is hard....

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