Throw Back Thursday

April 24, 2014

So I've been seeing a lot of pictures on social media recently with the tag '#TBT'. I never even knew what this meant until fairly recently. But for anyone who doesn't know, it stands for Throw Back Thursday. And with this tag, most people like to share an old photo or memory which I think is a lovely idea.

However for some people, looking back into their past, isn't the nicest of things to do. Not everyone has had a wonderful past and unfortunately nothing can change that. Now I don't want people reading this to think that I am in any means saying that Throw Back Thursday is bad- it isn't and I like it! I wrote in a previous blog post about not dwelling on the past and I think this is relevant here. Perhaps instead of Throw Back Thursday, we should focus on Throw Forward Thursday, and spend time thinking about all the little things that we look forward to in the future.

Because no matter how dark your past is, the future will always provide light.

You should always enjoy the memories of the past, never forget them and hold them close to your heart, and you should always appreciate the  present. Live for the moment more and enjoy what you have right now. I don't think people should spend their whole present thinking about the future. However thinking about the little things can really help keep us going. For example thinking about a possible holiday with a loved one can really make a difference to your attitude. I really want to go back to DisneyLand Paris next year for my 21st birthday- and even though it is a way away, it makes me smile thinking that it might happen. The thought of moving into a house in September with some close friends, is also making me excited and really lifting my happiness levels.

If we are down about the past or even the present, it really has an impact in our mood and happiness. But the one thing that we can't be sad about is the future- because it hasn't happened yet. So imagine it as a blank canvas or an empty book which is down to you to fill with wonderous, amazing adventures and smiles. Just because you are growing up, doesn't mean you can't have just as many adventures as you did when you were a kid.

So lock the past in your heart, and don't dwell. Live for the present and live it well. Look forward to the future, and never think that the tunnel is closed- there is always light!

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