Hello Spring

April 16, 2014

Today is beautiful, and recently we've had a few days like this. The sun has been shining and the wind has kept to a minimum, and to England's surprise there has hardly been any rain! This is the kind of weather we like to see. Not only does the sun get more people out and about in the fresh air, but it makes us feel happier on the inside as well because the sun gives out vitamin D which is a key factor in human happiness. Now that Spring has arrived there will be little baby duckings on the lakes and the sweet sound of baby birds chirping in the trees and little cotton soft lambs will be seen wobbling in the fields as they learn to take their first steps. Spring is a beautiful season.

          It is a perfect chance to prepare yourself for the Summer season as well. With enough sunshine giving us our vitamins, we will begin to feel happier in ourselves as the gloomy months appear to now be over. It's a great chance to make ourselves feel good about life and walk around with a smile. For many, University is almost over and for Schools, the last term is around the corner. Sometimes Spring gets cast aside as most people's favourite season is Summer. However why not extend your love of the outdoors, and make Spring your new favourite. The temperature is lovely and isn't too hot or too cold so you won't be rummaging through your closets for bikinis just yet, but you also don't have to throw on the hoodies. It's a brilliant opportunity for photography. And of course nowadays you don't need a professional camera to take photos. Simply use your phone and snap away at earth's beauty. Why not go jogging with friends or take your dog to the park for a game of catch? Visit new places and have long day trips to different cities.

  As said before Spring is a great time to prepare yourself for upcoming months. Perhaps something simple like the discovery of a new moisturiser might get you excited by making your skin glow and feel fantastic. The shops are full of new summery clothing ranges that will give you plenty of joy looking through with your best girl friends or even a lovely shopping trip with your mother (its always good to have a natter).
If you're in a relationship, a nice weekend away might recapture the magic and introduce new things to the relationship. If you're single nice evenings out or in pub gardens will make you love your freedom and enjoy what's in front of you.

          Whatever your situation, Spring is guaranteed to make you feel wonderful and renewed. Don't forget about it and wait for Summer. Get outside and enjoy the weather and do new things. Don't sit around inside for weeks. It'll do you good on the inside and on the outside. Smile and be happy!

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