Ain't Nobody Got Time For That

April 19, 2014

Is it just me, or do the little things irritate you the most? No, not just me? Good. Glad we've cleared that up!!

I don't know what it is, but a large amount of the little stressful things is sometimes enough to make you scream out loud. Today I am feeling very stressed! Tis a stressful moment! (slightly dramatic). And what I've realised is it seems to be the tiny details in things that piss us off the most ( excuse my language.... naughty! ). Right now I feel as though if there was a movie made about me, then this would be the part where there is a montage of me screwing up crumbled pieces of paper and throwing them into a bin, whilst some tense music plays. And to be honest there isn't even much to be stressed about at the moment. But it's the little things that have gotten to me! I thought I could make this a bit more amusing by listing the silly little things that irritate me the most, and perhaps you beauties could comment on what annoys you the most!!

'This is my Boyf'
One thing that really irritates me is the different names people nowadays term their boyfriends/girlfriends. Such as 'boyf' 'hubby' 'the missess' 'bf' etc. Now I'm sure even the most innocent people are guilty of using these at least once in their life, but grr do they annoy me. Why is it so many boys refer to their girlfriends as 'the misses'? Are you married to her? No, then she is your girlfriend not your 'missess'! Why does this annoy me? I don't know, it just does and even as I'm writing this I'm questioning why it annoys me.

Overly attached to Facebook
Okay, so I'm probably not alone is thinking that nowadays people are becoming way too involved and obsessed with Facebook. It seems as though people take part in things primarily for the purpose of later being able to upload it to Facebook or show off about it. What I also don't understand is people who seem to be in relationships with different people every week. Have they ever met these people? Where are they finding them? The reality of it is, that these people have probably never met, but feel good about themselves to be able to say they've had loads of relationships. Well you haven't really have you?

Bending down
Now this is a bit picky. But bending down is so annoying wouldn't you agree? It just involves to much bending of the knees. It makes me very hot and the blood rushes to my head. I try if I can to pick things up with my feet, in order to avoid the bending down scenario.

Pointless TV Shows
Now sometimes I can lie of the sofa for hours watching TV shows which are on really strange channels and take several pages of scrolling on the channel menu to find. But there are some shows out there that really irritate me and I don't know why. The kind you see and think 'eughh no one cares!!' . I feel as though the media is churning out whatever they can. And there's no need. I don't want to watch Bargain Hunt Omnibus thank you very much!

Overly Dramatic People
People who are convinced that everyone is interested in their business. No we aren't. You know, those people who put their whole life over social media and make out like we've all been waiting to hear about what they've been up to. I don't even know you. I don't remember even accepting your friend request, so no I'm not overly interested in how many boyfriends you've had etc. This isn't just happening on social media however. Some people when you speak to them, only talk about themselves and as soon as the topic turns to you, they aren't interested. So many self centred people about.

Bad Grammar
I'm sure I speak for many when I say I can't stand bad grammar. We all are guilty of accidentally spelling the odd word wrong every now and again. In fact I may read this post back and find mistakes. And that's okay- no one is perfect. But it's people who constantly spell things wrong or don't use the right punctuation ( which totally changes the sentence by the way!) really irritates me. I can't count the amount of times people have used the wrong 'Their' or 'Your' . Buy a dictionary!! And to be honest you'll all probably read this and judge me for any mistakes I've made. And do you know what... you should. I probably haven't proof read well enough if there are mistakes. But people who just don't even bother to spell correctly or constantly use shortened versions or words like ' ur'. Eugh annoying.

Okay so that is a few out of the many things that irritate me. What irritates you? Please leave comments as I'd love to hear from you all!

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