5 reasons to take up running

September 14, 2016

Sometimes working out takes a lot of motivation, especially when there are such delicious foods around. All we feel like doing is kicking back, watching Netflix and eating chocolate after a long day. But since I've incorporated running into my daily regime there have been so many improvements to my life. I'm about to share five of them with you now...

1.) You get to go out and see the world. Whether you're running just around the block or taking on higher extremes, you feel great for having taken yourself away from your laptop screen or mobile to be at one with the world around you. Enjoy it, take it all in and if you see something beautiful, don't hesitate to stop and have a look or take a picture (if you have a phone with you for using apps like Strava).

2.) It works wonders with your legs. Okay so not everyone wants to have really muscly legs, and I think that is what worries some. But honestly it'll only tone them as well as giving your bum a lift. Since running 5/6 days a week for the past month or so, I've managed to slim my legs down. I was squeezing into a size 12 at the beginning of summer and today I slipped back into a size 8 (even if they were a stretchy trouser!)

3.) You feel less guilty about treating yourself to a bit of chocolate. Because you workout and get fresh air everyday, you don't feel quite so bad having that little sweet treat once in a while. So don't stress yourself out by trying to force yourself to do any of these silly diets.

4.) It releases endorphins. As previously discussed in my last post, getting exercise is a great way to feel happier in yourself. The release of endorphins will make you feel brighter and more energised and awake- you can take on anything!

5.) It's a great way to get fit without the need of fancy equipment of an expensive gym membership. Running is free, so go out and do it. There are no excuses!

Do it for you. Come up with some reasons why you want to start running or be fit, and tell yourself them everyday when you wake. Remind yourself that you want to become the best version of yourself. So put your trainers on and get out and enjoy what the world has to offer. And getting fit whilst doing so? Yes please!

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