My Fitness Update

September 18, 2015

Okay peeps so on Monday I joined the gym *fist pump*! It is my uni gym and I had a month's membership back in April and really enjoyed going and so I got a full years membership this time.
This means I can use all the equipment and do all of the classes.

I just thought I'd write a little post as an update, I know lots of people enjoy these sorts of posts and for those of you who are waiting on beauty reviews, I promise they are coming next week!

So I've been to the gym 4 times this week, which feels really good. Having said that I haven't eaten exactly well. On Tuesday I ordered a Pizza and finished it on Wednesday, so both those days didn't feel healthy. Although to be fair to myself I did try to eat plenty of fruit those days as well. Not to mention the fact I also had pancakes for dinner one night... oops. Fitness fanatics are probably screaming at the screen right now. But I'm a student, plus I'm young and I think we should all get to enjoy ourselves and what we eat. Food should be enjoyable as well as essential, so I say treat yourself every now and again.

At the gym I've done sessions on the treadmills, cross trainers and bikes. I've also done an express cycling class as well as Yoga. So I feel as though even though my diet hasn't been the best I have balanced it as well as I can. Oh yes, I have also just eaten two doughnuts... but they were small! What can I say?

My aim is to go to the gym/classes at least 4 times a week. I also want to make sure I eat fruit everyday, even if it is just one piece. I know we are supposed to eat our 5 a day but when at uni (and if you are a fellow student you'll understand) it is very hard to do so.

So this week has been a fun first week back, but I know my eating will get better once I am properly settled in and have got to grips with my routine.
These are just too delicious not to eat!

Let me know about how you all aim to stay fit!

Speak soon

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  1. Good luck with your new routine dear, you can do it woo! xxxxxx

  2. Hey love your blog posts and pictures! I Just did a post and tagged you in it :)


  3. great post ! I lately decided to get healthy ( i am over weigth) so this post inspired me :)



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