How to handle 'Fresher's Week'!

September 10, 2015

Having been through Freshers week myself and being a Fresher for a whole year, now entering my final year of University, I feel able to give you all a few tips before starting University. Of course every Uni has it's own unique perks and not every student's experience will be the same, but it is important to know a little about what you're getting yourself into before you go. So i hope these little tips help!

1.)Don't worry about being nervous or scared, truth is everyone is! You're all in the same boat.
2.) Think of it as a clean slate. Nobody knows each other so take it as a chance for a new beginning.
3.) Make sure you never run out of tea. You will need this when you are hungover or up early for lectures.
4.) Don't feel pressured into drinking more than you want. Drinking is fine and bound to happen at Uni, especially during Freshers week. But only YOU know when enough is enough and I'm sure you'd rather keep your dignity by not having to be scraped off the pavement by a stranger during your first week in a new place.
5.) Make sure you know what you're drinking. Being around strangers makes everyone an easy target. Now I'm not saying that everyone is out to spike everyone drinks- they are not. But just be careful who gives you drinks. Not to mention there will be a fair few 'dirty pints' going around.
6.) Fresher's Flu IS a real thing and you will most likely get ill at some point during your first term. So make sure you eat well and look after yourself.
7.) Register at a doctors as soon as you can. If you think you can go the whole 3 years (or more) without seeing a doctor, you are being silly! All Universities have doctors surgeries I think so registering shouldn't be an issue!
8.) Be yourself, otherwise you'll end up making friends with people who are only similar to the persona you are trying to portray.
9.) Don't be easily lead. It's so easy to be convinced or encouraged at Uni when you are trying to act cool and get people to like you. But don't let anyone convince you to do drugs or other stupid things! It's not worth it!
10.) Take lots of photos, you're going to want to remember this time of your life.
11.) Try and get on with you're housemates, you have to live with them after all.
12.) If you have a problem with maintenance, don't be afraid to tell someone, it won't fix itself!
13.) Budget yourself! I can't stress this enough. Look for deals and buy cheaper alternatives for things! They taste the same!
14.) Although for a lot of courses, the first year does not count in terms of degree credits, you still have to pass to be able to stay on at Uni. So take it seriously and go to as many lectures/seminars as you can.
15.) Be social. University offers so many opportunities, so go to Fresher's Fayres and sign up for a society. Or if you're not up for that, why not take advantage of having a cheaper gym membership and join the Uni gym?

I asked a few fellow students if they had any tips...

Tips from other students
1.) 'Don't just stay in your room all the time. Go out and talk to people, even if it's just your housemates'
2.) 'Don't waste all of your student loan in the first week!'
3.) 'Don't drunk text/tweet. With being away from home, parents and friends may only assume the worse from these horrendous actions.'
4.) 'Be careful which drinking games you get yourself involved with!'
5.) 'Have fun but be safe!'

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