What's in my Mum's make-up bag?

August 04, 2015

So we've all seen the blogs and vlogs about what we hold in our make-up bags, and so I came up with the idea of checking out what my mother has in hers and thought I'd blog about it.

The first thing I found was this Max Factor Loose Powder. If you've read my blogs before, I've mentioned how I believe powders should always smell nice, you know that nice makeupy smell? And this one smells lovely and delicate. It comes with a cute little powder puff too!
Next I found a Garnier BB Cream and a No7 Triple Protection Tinted Moisturiser. I know my mum enjoys trying new brands and these are great for those days when you don't want to be wearing a heavy, full face of make-up. And they smell lush! Plus, with the SPF, it means 'hello fantastic summer skin'.
Here she has an assortment of her favourite Seventeen mascaras.
This Collection Eyebrow Kit, was a suggestion from myself. She also uses an Avon Glimmer stick for her eyebrows. But which is better mum? I asked her and she said that the palette looks more natural and soft however it seems to smudge easier. The stick goes on much better for her eyebrows which are quite thin.
Some cute blushers. Bourjois and Rimmel. Both lovely shades of pink for some rosy, naturally blushed looking cheeks.
On to eye shadows now and my mum loves wearing natural colours. They suit her complexion really well and she's great at pulling off the natural make-up look! This No7 eye shadow is perfect for everyday wear. And this Bourjois Smokey Eye palette would be fantastic for creating a natural bronzed smokey eye for an evening.

Ah lipsticks. They can be a girl's best friend can't they? As you can see, my mum also goes for the more natural colour of lipsticks too. These would all look terrific for any occasion, whether fancy or laid back.
Get you mum with your Sexy Mother Pucker from Soap & Glory! This is one of her favourites and she has purchased it more than once. It's great for popping in her handbag.
Now this looks like a more special mascara and it is double ended. It has one end for top lashes and the other for bottom lashes. However when I asked her, she said it was a bit tricky and the bottom lash brush is a tad disappointing.
This Garnier Roll On Anti-Dark Circles is fantastic for covering up and concealing especially if you are feeling tired. It makes your face look more refreshed and awake. Perfect for the mornings.
And finally a little Clinique. Who wants dirty make-up brushes? No one. This is a great purchase because it cleans and cleanses all your brushes, making them great to use time after time.

And there you have it! My mum has great taste when it comes to make-up. I am often caught stealing her stuff- sorry mum!

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  1. Your mum and I share the love for some brands and products! Haha Lovely blog post! Would you mind checking out my blog? I just wrote a post about 5 things I wish I'd known before I started blogging, and it's about my experience but mostly useful blogging tips!
    Alina à la Mode - 5 things I wish I'd known when I started Blogging

  2. This is such a good idea for a post! I'm never think to really talk to my mum about what makeup she likes and has, as I'm the blogger so we just talk about mine x


  3. I love seeing these kinds of posts! I really like the Garnier BB cream too.


  4. Love this post!
    I know what you mean about the smell of powders - the scent reminds me of my mum!

    Sophie x



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