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August 16, 2015

It probably comes as no surprise, at least to those who know me and this blog, that I love fake tan. After all you've seen blogs and vlogs about them from me already. And I don't want to sound obsessed because I'm not but I cannot praise fake tans highly enough. I love my skin (as everyone should), it hasn't always been easy sailing, but over the years I have grown and learnt to love the body I have, for sure we all have our insecurities but that's life. Because I love my skin, the last thing I want to do is damage it by lying out in the sun for hours, not only is this very dangerous but it can cause early ageing- NO THANK YOU!

And that's my reason behind fake tans. If you do them right, you have a beautiful golden glow that can be done really quickly, hassle free and safely, and that gives me peace of mind. So please say NO to sunbeds and say YES to fake tans!

Anyway, enough preaching (sorry, I do that), I've spoken about this product in a vlog, but in case you all didn't seen that you can either watch it here or read about it now.

First of all I love the packaging, it just looks fancy doesn't it?

Secondly, it doesn't smell quite as bad as some fake tans when it's on. The longer it's left, the worse the smell is anyway, but when first applying it smells relatively nice!

It goes on really smoothly and doesn't dry too quickly. It has a green tint, which is important in achieving a brown tan rather than orange (or so I am told).

I found that it didn't come off on my clothes or bedding much either which is really good news for fellow tanners.

After developing, I washed it off in the shower, and applied a lovely scented moisturiser. I did this not only to lock in the colour, but to block out any left over fake tan smell, as sometimes it lingers. Looking at the water, I could see a lot of colour coming off, however I was amazed at how tanned I still looked after showering. I lost hardly any colour which is great!

It faded naturally which is good. However it didn't last quite as long as I would have liked, but that probably all depends on how you maintain it, and how often you shower etc. I shower daily so maybe this didn't help.

Let me know what you all think about this product. Leave comments down below, I love hearing from you all!

Speak soon

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  1. Mmm, amazing!

  2. I hear you. I'd be absolutely terrified to use a sun bed especially after watching final destination.
    I think it's a given that you will resemble the scent of a biscuit a little bit; I find that the scent reacts with my deodorant the most. Hopeful I still have enough time to try this before the Summer goes.

  3. It's so great how you didn't lose the tan after showering as I find that's a huge problem with the majority of tans. Great review!



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