Weekly Reflections (Fortnight)

July 05, 2015

So this week has been amazing, and because didn't do an update/reflections last Sunday, i'll connect last week too. Now it's been amazing mainly due to this weekend however the rest of the fortnight has had some good moments too. So I thought I'd reflect on the week by stating as many good things that have happened that I am thankful for! Reflection is a good thing to do as it makes you put things into perspection and realise how lucky you are.

  • Took an evening walk down to the seafront and walked down a different path and came around the most beautiful rose garden and a little Japanese garden.
  •  Had one last BBQ in our 2nd year student house with my housemates before moving out.
  • Myself and my housemate got the house all clean and tidy.
  • I got everything packed up and ready for my family to pick me up, AND we managed to fit it all in the car!
  •  I hit 400 followers on Twitter
  • I hit 300 followers on Google+
  • I hit 85 followers on Bloglovin
  • I redesigned parts of my blog and I'm pretty happy with how it looks for now.
  • I got to see my beautiful golden retriever again.
  • I got to see my family and get to spend the summer with them.
  • I played COD Zombie on the Xbox with my brother which is always fun.
  • I resisted snacking.
  • I created my own workout (going on the blog soon).
  • I went for an early morning run.
  • I got ahead of myself with my blog posts and feel much more prepared.
  • Sorted through clothes and given some to charity shops.
  • Discovered a new love for green tea.
  • Got a Minion hat from McDonalds.
  • I went to see Madness at Silverstone!
  • I went to the Formula One British Grand Prix with my dad for the third year running and it was AMAZING!!! 
  • Lewis Hamilton won the British Grand Prix!!!

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