Doll White | Teeth Whitening Strips | Review

July 09, 2015

So a few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to receive another product. This time from Doll White. For those of you who haven't heard of them, they make teeth whitening strips.

Now I've always been into oral care and I'd love to have a really white smile. I drink a lot of tea and coffee which probably doesn't help, but we probably all have teeth that aren't as perfect as we'd like.

And so I was thrilled to receive this product to try and review.

  • First of all the packaging is sweet and simple.

  • The instructions are simple and clear and there isn't a massive leaflet that you have to unfold to read, just a simple little card with how to use them on it.

  • The strips are all in separate little plastic pockets to ensure that they are all fresh and ready to use.
  • Each strip is placed on a see through plastic back.
  • All you do is place the strips on your teeth and then wait for about half an hour.
  •  I was sent the 14 day trial versions and so I believe the idea is that you use the strips once a day for whiter teeth that assuming will come in 14 days.


  • This product was easy to use and didn't take up much room in my wash bag.
  • After use my teeth were noticeably whiter, however the whiteness seemed a bit patchy- it obviously took better to some parts of my teeth.
  • I did find however that the whiteness then disappeared and my normal tooth colour made an appearance again soon after drinking or eating or even neither.
  • This is not to say that it doesn't gradually whiten your teeth.
  • I believe these whitening strips are a good easy way to quickly whiten your teeth and would perhaps be best for a dazzling smile for a evening out or event where you want to quickly and inexpensively give your teeth a quick boost.
  • It did make my smile look better and I could definitely tell the difference.
It is unfortunate that for me, the results did not seem to last- however others may have experienced different results? I'd like to hear them!

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