Pretty Nails using MoYou London Mother Nature Set | Review

July 16, 2015

For my 21st Birthday I was really pleased to receive a MoYou London nails set from a friend as a gift. I'd seen how lovely her nails looked and so it'd given her the idea of getting me a set.

The set I have is Mother Nature:

This set includes 3 nail vanishes, 2 metal designs, 1 stamp and 1 scraper.

This set is so sweet and, with practise, creates sweet and pretty nail art that is really easy to do! As you can see, my attempt here is not perfect, but thats because I'm still learning! But the patterns I've used is the butterfly stencil!

Note: You have to make sure you clean the stencils well using nail polish remover so that next time you use it, the stencil pattern comes out much better!! As you can see, I have not yet cleaned these stencils in the picture to show you what they look like without cleaning.

This set is perfect for a gift but also for a cheeky treat to yourself. It's great to use when you have a bit more time to spare for your nails- so go ahead- glam yourself up with MoYou London!

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  1. Aww those are so cute :)) Nail stenciling is fun.. takes a bit longer but looks so great. I love the box it comes in too! :)

  2. That looks amazing! :)



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