Cocoa Brown Dark 1HR Tan | Review

July 23, 2015

Now, I'm going to say it... I love fake tan. You probably already know this if you follow me on twitter, Instagram or YouTube (check out my video on fake tan here). I'm naturally rather pale and fair and so when I discovered fake tan several years ago, it was a new chapter for me.

Now, I want to say, I in no way wear it to hide away from my natural skin or to try to be someone else. I wear it because it gives me a confidence boost, and that's not to say I don't feel confident when I'm not wearing it, but the feeling I got when I first wore it always comes back to me and gives me a nice feeling. It's a bit like a comfort blanket for me.

There will always be people who don't understand it or think it looks fake, but to be quite honest I'd rather wear fake tan than sit out in the sun getting leathery and at risk.

Anyway enough rambling. I found out about this tan when I saw Kylie Jenner wearing it on Instagram, so I did my research and was really tempted to buy it. So I did.

First thing that a lot of people mentioned was the smell. And that was that it doesn't smell as bad as most tans, and to be honest I thought 'Yeah right!'. But I honestly have to say that it does actually smell really nice and there is only a very faint fake tan smell, but you have to seek it out by smelling yourself. It is no where near as noticeable as most tans.

The little bottle is super cute and has a little message written on the tape around the nozzle! I'll let you discover this. I love the pink and the nozzle allows an easy application with little mess.

The application was great, the mousse comes out generously and is really smooth to apply. It does dry quite quickly though so it's important to keep up so to avoid streaks.

Here is one before and after application:

Once I applied I waited for about 3 hours before showing. I patted myself dry so to not lose any colour. I then slept and had another quick shower in the morning to be rid of any product that didn't come off before.

The colour I was left with was even and gorgeous. It didn't seem orange or streaky in anyway and I was thrilled with the overall look.

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