My Easy Home Workout

July 07, 2015

As a blogger who works from home I know how hard it is to get motivated to workout when you are sat down all day. But to be honest that should be encouraging us to get out more. However in a lot of circumstances people don't always have the option of the gym due to money or time and going out for a run is something that some people might never consider. And whilst going for a jog in the lovely sun is something I'd reccommend as I myself enjoy it, I have also come up with an easy 'stay at home' workout. 

  1. Stretch
  2. 30 Squats
  3. 20 Lunges - 10 each side
  4. 20 Crunches
  5. 20 Push Ups
  6. 20 Weight lifts
  7. 40 Single hand weight lifts - 20 each arm
  8. 30 Wall sit 
And it's as simple as that. I myself have looked all over the interent for a simple easy method of staying fit and working out in the comfort of my own home. So I just had the idea of creating my own workout based on the exercises I enjoy. So I hopt these exercises work for you. Please let me know how you get on and I'll be updating you all throughout the summer.

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