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December 16, 2017

Hey guys, remember me? I hope you do. First of all let me say how sorry I am for not blogging since July (!!!) my life has been pretty crazy to say the least and unfortunately my blog has to take a back seat.

It was never my intention to stop blogging or to take a break from it, however time seemed to escape me and before I knew it it was almost Christmas and I'm now sat writing this.

So let me fill you in on why I've been absent in the blogging community for a while.

1.) Job - I've mentioned it in other posts that I have a full time job in writing. This not only means that I don't get home until 6:30pm but also means that when I get home I find I have less inspiration to blog.

2.) Boyfriend - So my boyfriend Luke moved to Rugby meaning he was so much closer to where I live. This meant that several nights a week we'd been seeing each , therefore leaving even less time for my blog.

3.) Holiday - I've had some holidays such as Disneyland this November, which was AMAZING, and I aim to do a blog post on it. These holidays have been so needed and so I haven't blogged about them prior to now because of truly needing the break. It also meant that the time off from work that I had, was spent somewhere else, away from computers!

4.) New home - after four years together myself and Luke decided it was time to move in together, so we now rent a gorgeous flat in Northampton. It's only been two weeks but we are both very happy and are settling in. This however has been another source of not blogging, and because I had been searching for flats for a while, this took up a lot of my time.

Anyway, after Christmas I truly aim to be more present on the blog. Once I've settled and the excitement and busyness of the festive season is over, I'm hoping for a bit more normality in my life.

So over and out for now, but I've got some posts lined up!

Speak soon

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