A very hectic few days

March 04, 2015

So the past few days have been very hectic, well the past few weeks have. But I'm not complaining as I have some really good stuff in the pipeline, which I'll either blog about soon or maybe even a vlog. Who knows!
     But basically it's gotten to the stage in this semester where all assignments are due and I've been working so hard for so long to try and get these assignments perfect- which still probably hasn't happened. Also I've only handed in 2/6 so far (AH!). So there is a lot more effort left to go- sad times.
     So today I managed to have a lie in until 10:30 which was lush but I still didn't want to get out of bed. When I was ready I got on the bus and headed to hand in my assignment. It's due on the 4th but I'm an organised weirdo and I always have to hand everything in the day before it's due in case of some sort of  assignment emergency. So I handed it in, although I'm a little bit worried as the lady who took it in didn't seem sure of what she was doing! Hopefully it'll get marked okay!
      So then I headed to my seminar, luckily I had prepared a flask of coffee in my new, cute little flask. I met my friend and we caught up which was lovely, and we both waited for our seminar to start. We realised we were the only two people sat in class, this would normally be considered strange but it often happens. Unfortunately the lecturer didn't turn up, so there must be something we didn't know about. Annoying. So I had to head back home.
     I got home and played Call of Duty Zombies with my housemate then for the next few hours whilst I waited for my ASDA shopping to be delivered- hoorah for food and zombies! It came eventually although they almost cancelled my order as they could find my house!!
    I then went to get some keys cut, which was a boring job but had to be done. Got to listen to some tunes on the way so not all bad.
    Later on in the day we had to go for a house viewing as we are currently looking for a house for  next year- exciting. Unfortunately it wasn't the house for us, but it was still lovely.
    Then I made a very kid-like meal of fish fingers, potato waffles and beans-yummy! And finished writing an article for something I am very excited about and looked over my film script.
    Now I am sat in bed, with a cuppa and some skittles and biscuits, blogging. I don't know what it is tonight but I have so much energy and it all seems to be coming out in writing. Oh and I also wrote another article for something else- craziness!

I should probably go to bed as I have to be up at 8am tomorrow for a lecture. It's just lovely to be blogging again and talking to you all!

Much Love X


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