Colour B4 Review

March 31, 2015

So if any of you have seen my YouTube video where I spoke about my hair, then you'll know I've been all over the scale. I had really dark brown hair, and I haven't dyed it in 2 months so my roots were showing. I decided I wanted to use Colour B4 to strip my hair so I could have it lighter as I was getting a bit tired of the upkeep with my brown hair.

I have made a review vlog on this so I will put that on here soon which will show you the process and results a little better. But for now I shall say: WOW!

I was very skeptical and I thought it would only lift my hair a couple of shades and there would be a possibility of it getting damaged. But it has lifted it about 5/6 shades and my hair feels great and not brittle! This is such a good product. Of course everyone's hair is different so please do patch tests and strand tests and read the instructions. But I cannot praise Colour B4 enough!!

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