The power of the sun | An amazing mood

March 09, 2015

Hello bloggerees and bloggeroos, today I wanted to talk to you all about the sun. Ah the sun, yes that big ball of gas in the sky that we sometimes, but rarely come into contact with. Not direct contact, no we'd be dead, but we see it enough to feel confident saying good morning to it.

The past few weeks have been miserable, stressful, dull, rainy, grey and miserable a few more times. Sometimes it feels like all the bad things come at once. Often I think it's down to our moods. If we are in a bad mood, everything then becomes negative. For the past few weeks I've been in the worst mood, I don't know how I've put up with myself, let alone others putting up with me. I've felt constantly angry, moody, and have felt like giving up or throwing things in the air and running away. And literally, no exaggerations here, everything seems to go wrong, it was like someone piled bad luck on top of me until you could only see my toes sticking out. I felt like breaking down in a pathetic mess of a ball.

However on Saturday it all changed. Well not all, I mean the issues may still be there but other than that it ALL changed. I woke up and got ready for work and... the sun was out. Let's take a few moments to get to grips with that as it's not a regular occurrence. But yes it was indeed out and I'm sure most of you were able to enjoy it. I wasn't as I had to work, but I did get the pleasure of walking to work in the loveliness that was Saturday. And it honestly changed my mood, I felt so much happier, it was as if a weight had been lifted. I faced the rest of the day with positivity, I didn't feel ill at work for one of the first times, I managed to get home admin and work done afterwards and didn't feel too stressed AND my good mood carried through until Sunday. Sunday is usually a tough day, I work all day and have to be up at 6am. Not even smashing my saucepan lid and having glass go everywhere could ruin my mood. Normally I would have wanted to have a strop there and then and shout 'WHY ME? WHYYY?', but I just did not feel anger, or annoyance or irritation whatsoever. I just rolled my eyes, swept it up and got on with life.

It was strange. I even got time to write this blog post, finish some coursework and do a bit of sports journalism.

I truly believe that this good mood was caused by the sun. It gives out so much goodness and vitamins (obviously it has it's bad points but I won't insult your intelligence by pointing them out) that it makes you feel so much better. After months of cold, gloomy, wintry weather, a bit of sunshine  is the best medicine to shake of the blues.

I cannot wait for more days like this, if we get them. Oh I pray we get some!


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