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March 17, 2015

Hello Lovelies,

I have very strange skin. It's a combination of oily and dry. Not two things that you would usually put together, but it happens. I usually get a very oily forehead yet the skin that is oily is dry and flakey. This causes a problem with foundation. Often I find my foundation either dries and comes off or runs down into my eyebrows- orange eyebrows aren't good, who knew!?

So I've really wanted to find a good solution. At the moment I've been dedicated to making my skin healthier, and I'll reveal my secret in a later post. So, because of this I don't want to undo the good by using really thick foundations that cause break outs. What I really needed was something light and healthy. Here's what I bought:

Rimmel London BB Cream- Matte

I realised, because I used to wear a lot of fake tan, that most of my foundations were too dark for my skin tone. So I bought Rimmel London's BB Cream and I got it in Matte as I thought this would be best for my sometimes oily complexion. I was skeptical as nearly every foundation I've ever had comes off really easily probably due to me touching my face too much? I'm not sure. I wanted something that would last!
Wow I loved this product. The colour matches my skin perfectly. It does what it says on the bottle. It has minimised my pores, it's given me an airbrushed, flawless finish, it's got a nice matte finish, it evens my skin tone and conceals blemishes and dark circles as much as a BB Cream could. I do find it stays on a lot longer than other products however not all day- but I think that might just be my face! Also I love the face that it smells like a nice make-up. Make-up lovers will get that, I love a product that smells good!

Collection Pressed Powder:

This was only £1.99!! What a bargain. And again this powder smells how powder should smell, Very delicate. I don't usually like wearing powder because as previously mentioned I can get quite dry skin too, and I usually find that powder makes it worse. However I really liked this powder, I got the translucent one, and it blends perfectly with my BB Cream and sets it really nicely!

So these two products I am thrilled with, but the best thing to do is to go out and simply see what works best for you and your skin type as everyone is different. I would highly recommend these products however!

Much Love

Laura X

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