Marvel Is Teething

June 19, 2014

So this week and last have been very stressful. Having a new puppy is like having a baby (I imagine), except much more hairy. He gets us up at night, and it takes hours of playing with him to tire him out. Then when he falls asleep we can finally relax, yet he's so cute that when he's asleep we can't wait for him to wake up! He's at the teething stage at the moment, meaning he likes to chew on anything, and currently he has a taste for arms and legs. I cannot count the amount of marks I have on my arms from him scratching or nibbling me! The thing is he is just playing and unfortunately we just have to accept that he will be a bit nibbly for a while. However this period will soon stop and we'll be able to cuddle him without the fear of his needle sharp teeth.

This morning he was rather crazy, going hyper and trying to climb the stairs. We've started putting the radio on in the kitchen, tuned to Classic FM, which he seems to enjoy. Now I feel exhausted. I am very much in need of a night out. So later on this evening I am visiting my friend to check out her new flat and have some wine and watch some scary films. A proper girls night in, which is just what I need. It's strange being home for summer. Back at University I of course saw friends every day because I lived with them, so being back home is odd, because if my family are all working I only have myself and Marvel's company!

My holiday so far seems to have consisted of me becoming obsessed with MTV, specifically the show 'Catfish: The TV Show'. I'm hooked what can I say! It's got me thinking how crazy the world is, and how people aren't always what they say, and also that even people you know may have secrets or things about themselves that they hide. A random thought to add to this blog, but there hasn't been much structure to this post so I thought I'd mention it. I've been finding blogging extremely hard since being back- I had so many plans for this blog, and I am yet to have the chance to write them! Having a puppy has definitely made it harder to blog, what with him trying to chew through my cables! Nevertheless I'm powering through. I've got some really cool ideas for blog posts soon, so please bear with and let me know of any blogs or vlogs you'd like me to do!

Speak soon X

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