What's in my Autumn Make-up Bag?

October 14, 2015

Hello everyone, so Autumn is here and already I'm feeling the cold I don't know about you? My big coats are already hanging up waiting for me and my hands are getting dry and chapped- ah England. So I thought for today's posts I'd talk to you about Autumn trends and which products I tend to keep in my make-up bag this season.

Let's starts with basics.


Foundation to me is essential, I need a good base. Especially as my skin dries out more in the colder months and I seem to have a lot of breakouts at the moment. Anybody else? Because I will be wearing more layers, I definitely won't be wearing so much fake tan and so a darker foundation won't be needed. I can get used to being my pale girl self again! I'm really enjoying BB creams at the moment especially this one which I may or may not have reviewed- honestly I can't even remember anymore, there have been so many. But this is great because it's thin enough that it doesn't feel heavy but its thick enough that it gives you a lasting coverage. It smells nice too! It seems the older I get the less make up I wear, which I think is good. I feel as though I am gradually getting in touch with myself more and more and accepting my body, which we all should. That's why this Autumn I will be opting for a more subtle base.

I've never been a massive concealer fan, purely because it seems to just come off straight away with me, maybe I'm doing it all wrong. However I do have quite a few blemishes and oh my goodness I think I'm getting wrinkles already- help #20something. So I will keep a concealer in my make-up bag this season. This one from natural collection is great for me because it is so student friendly! It is nice and creamy too!

Bronzer and Blush

Now I definitely want to change this up a bit. I never wear blush but because you naturally blush when its a bit cold anyway I feel as though this Autumn I want to try wearing a few shades of blusher. Bronzer will forever be a love of mine, great for contouring and what not so I will always keep one in my make-up bag. I also feel as though bronzer is already Autumnal anyway as its colour is Autumny so I was hardly going to kick it out. This one from Avon has lovely multitones which highlight the skin perfectly. And this cream blush keeps the skin hydrated.


Powder for me is essential for locking make-up in place. If it's cold and windy you want to make sure everything stays in place. I will be using my trusty Collection Powder because I still really like it and it's student friendly too! This will be going in my Autumn make-up bag.


There are so many colours you could go for in Autumn. Bronzes, oranges, browns etc. Right now I'm loving purples and nudes. I think purples are in at the moment and nude always looks great and natural. I will also be trending some brown shadows and perhaps bronzey pinks too this season! These pallets will be going in my Autumn bag.

I tend to buy natural collection mascara as I have long eyelashes already therefore all mascaras tend to have the same effect on me, so why not go cheap? Mascara is essential for me as I always want my eyes to be the main feature on my face, probably because they are my best feature I think.

I'm loving winged eye liner as ever and think the cat eye look is really great with the nude shadow. I also recently found out my white eyeliner pencil and so I really want to incorporate that into some of my Autumnal looks.


I still think eyebrows need to stand out, but in a good way. I want them to look natural enough and using my Palette from Collection I feel as though I can get a great shape.

Now this is the part I was most excited to write about. The past few months I have been obsessed with lips. In the past I never really cared, maybe it's come with ages, but I feel like a good lipstick can go a long way. Dark red and purples are so in this season, making the Gothic look become somewhat of a craze. Going with this, it means pale skin looks great with dark lips, so all you pale girls can celebrate (with me). I just purchased these lipsticks and they look fantastic and I am so excited to wear them this Autumn.

I hope you have liked my Autumn Make-Up bag, I certainly enjoyed writing this post for you. So please let me know what colour you are most excited to use this Autumn.

Speak soon

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  1. Stunning photos! I love the look of the eyeshadows <3




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