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October 19, 2015

Okay, so *deep breath*, today I post my first official fashion post- yaaay! And I have to admit the photos are pretty rubbish. I was planning on taking photos of myself wearing the clothes but it is Sunday( when I'm writing this) and I don't have my tripod and I don't have make up on- hehe naughty. So I tried my best to do otherwise, and took photos of just a few items by hanging them on my wardrobe. Hope they are satisfactory- promise it'll get better.

So I thought today I would show you a few staple items that I have in my wardrobe for this Autumn, here goes:

 Black Velvet Skirt-Primark- This is a great staple to have as it's warmer so perfect for Autumn and Winter. Black goes with everything so this is great for an evening or night out! I actually wore this on Christmas day last year I believe!
 Blue Peplum Dress- Everything 5 Pounds- I am so pleased with this purchase, it fits me perfectly. The colour goes so nicely with my new blonder hair as well. It has a nice lining as well so you feel nice and covered and it isn't too see through. Can't wait to wear this for a lovely Autumn date night, or cocktail party.
 Black Roll Neck Jumper- Primark- I love this so much and got it about a year ago, but it's so cute with jeans. It's pretty thin so you want to wear a vest underneath, but it's great for wearing under a leather jacket too, or embellishing with a bold necklace.
 Checked Shirt- Primark- I can't live without some cool shirts in my wardrobe. I love this one as it's got a denim look, so looks funky with leggings for a relaxed slouch day at home or in uni.
 Patterned Blouse- Everything 5 Pounds- I haven't warn this yet, but it looks so lovely on. The sleeves are super cute and looks great tucked into high wasted jeans and with a smart jacket. The pattern is sort of Autumnal too.
 Gothic Peplum Top- This is so on trend right now and with Halloween coming up this is perfect for a night out. With my new lipstick that I wrote about in a post last week, this would rock!
Maroon Cardigan- Everything 5 Pounds- I love this so much already. The colour is very in this Autumn and it is lovely and thick and because it doesn't button up it feels really casual. it goes with most things and so I love wearing this to uni- keep warm guys!

Okay, so it was a brief post but I just want to see how well the fashion side of things go for A Little Bit Of Laura. Tell me what you think and what you'd like to see!

Speak soon

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  1. Some lovely picks, that velvet skirt is stunning! Also love the peplum pieces, so chic! xxxxx

  2. I love the skirt and cardigan, prefect for autumn :) xx
    Chasing Belle 23

  3. Congrats on your first fashion post! These are lovely autumn essentials <3

    Abigail Alice x | Travel, Fashion & Beauty



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