No Rest For The Wicked BY Dane Cobain ** | Review

October 13, 2015

I was fortunate enough to receive my first ever book to review on A Little Bit Of Laura the other day which in itself is an achievement for me. I could have asked for the book as a kindle copy however I wanted to take photos of the book so you all could have a look at it, and so the lovely author Dane Cobain sent me a paper back copy.

Now the first thing I can say about this book is the cover. It has a very eerie design, with tombstones and blood like splatters but in an abstract pattern that doesn't reveal too much about the story inside. I had read the blurb before receiving the book and I was thrilled because it sounded right up my street. As a writer myself I am constantly learning from books about genre and themes and styles. I personally love reading and writing thrillers and horrors and this book seemed like the perfect match. It also screamed 'Supernatural' at me when first reading if any of you have ever watched it.

Another thing to point out is that the book is a great length. I may only be a student, but students get busy too and I for one do not have enough time on my hands to read a book that could be used as a door stop. This book is about 130 pages long (give or take) which, if you're a keen reader, could take you less than a day to read easily. If you're like me and like to take your time  then it is great to split up over several days. The chapters are extremely short which to me is great because you feel accomplished after each one passes, it also keeps you on edge, keen to read on.

The plot follows several characters of whom all link to each other as the book continues. Father Montgomery is one of our main characters and is a priest who has escaped his past. We go back and forth between present day and past to witness his secrets. However the main theme of this book is angels. That's right. Now you may expect that this means the book is really religious but it by no means is. These angels are 'androgynous' and are punishing people for their sins. Gradually the world starts to notice that these angel appearances are causing many people to disappear. Our main characters must discover the truth behind it.

As the tension in the book built, I was excited to see where it would go and how the angels would be defeated. Of course we tend to think of angels as being good however there is something quite evil about these ones and it makes for a great story with an interesting twist. Great writing, and great plots- what more culd you ask for?

Without giving away the ending, I enjoyed this book very much. I've never really read anything quite like this and so stylistically it was a new experience. I loved that it was easy to read and quite a short book, because it made it all the more relaxing to read. Sometimes if you have a book that weighs more than yourself, all you can think about is 'How am I going to get through this?'. But this was fantastic because I could read a bit each night and not have too much pressure to rush through it.

A great story from Dane Cobain, something I would reccommend, especially for anyone looking for a book to read in a short period of time- perhaps a holiday read? Thank you to Dane Cobain for sending me this book, I will be passing it on to my brother and friend next, as I think they will enjoy it as much as I did.

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  1. Would love to get this book for my camping trip away in two weeks! Thanks for the recommendation <3

  2. Thanks so much for the review, Laura - very much appreciated, and glad you enjoyed it! Hope your brother and friend like it too :) I don't suppose there's any chance you could post your review to Amazon as well if you haven't already? It all helps! Thanks again :)

  3. So cool that you received a book for review, ultimate goals honestly! This sounds like an interesting quick read, perfect for Halloween! Thank you for this review dear, will be checking this book out! xxxxx



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