Julienne Eyelash & Brow Tint | Tint Your Eyebrows and Eyelashes from Home | Review

October 17, 2015

So this product I got from amazon. Great delivery and came within a few days. The product package included the Julienne eyelash & brow permanent colour, Julienne eyelash & brow activator, eyelash tinting brush and a glass dish for mixing. There was also a mascara looking brush that was included in the permanent colour box!

    I was rather sceptical of this product because I thought 'if you can do it at home, why does anyone bother going to a salon?'. So I thought it'd either have an average result or nothing would happen at all. WRONG. This product has changed everything.
    You can use it so many times as well which will probably save me hundreds of pounds in the long run! This tint you can use for both eyelashes and brows. I chose the dark brown shade. At a salon I'd go for blue black for my eyelashes, so I was worried the colour wouldn't be as good, but it came out excellently.
   You leave the product on for as long as you want depending on the desired shade- of course do not leave it on for too long, and READ ALL THE SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS before use!
    The thing I was worried about the most was how I'd use it on myself. Of course in a salon you sit with your eyes closed with cold cotton pads over your eyes. I was also worried about getting it inside my eyes.
     Basically how I did it was I applied it using the mascara brush, and put it on carefully as if it were a mascara, being sure not to get any in my eyes. If any gets in your eyes wash it out immediately- it'll sting a bit! I then used the brush to coat the places I couldn't get too, again being careful. I then just waited, I didn't need to keep my eyes closed- just continued using my eyes as normal (haha).
    Then after about 10- 15 minutes I used a wet cotton pad to remove the tint, being sure to close my eyes as I did it. Eyebrows are much easier of course, you just wipe!

Then all done. Ah yes I forgot to mention, you may want to put Vaseline in places you don't want the tint to get on, for example you eyelids!

All done, and now you have saved yourselves so much money!!!

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  1. As a redhead I have to dye my own at home - I've had too many clumsy / too dark salon disasters. I haven't tried this brand though, and the mascara-style brush sounds so much better than the little wand I normally use! Thanks for sharing.

    x Síle
    Any Idle Sunday

  2. Thanks for recommending this!




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