The Rants of a Writing Student.

October 02, 2015

This morning I rolled over in bed and tried to breath in the morning air. Except I couldn't, because I had a blocked up nose. Oh aren't colds just the worst? I had a 9am seminar which I had prepared and done the reading for AND extra research. I knew I had to get up and shower and so I prised myself away from the comforts of my double bed.

By 8:30 I was ready to go and because the bus is usually packed at that time, myself and housemate decided to walk, as we usually would for a 9am. It was really cold and I was only wearing a jumper when I should have taken the time to pick up a coat. The cold was certainly not going to help my illness but ho hum, you can't have everything.

When I finally arrive at my University building my classmates were all gathered around. So like a normal person, I went to say hello. They explained that the class had been cancelled. Oh goodie. I'm so glad I got my ill self out of my comfy duvet for this, I had thought to myself. Luckily the Uni bus was coming and so I hopped on.

When I got home I was greeted by another disappointment. My flask which I had prepared earlier (for my seminar) with delicious hot chocolate in, wouldn't open. I spent ages trying to get into it. It wasn't a big issue but when you don't feel well and have been deprived of a lie in, the little things get to you.

I started to watch a movie- Into The Woods- I'll review it later. I started to get hungry and thought 'ooo a lovely baguette filled with salad is what I need.' So I walked to the shops to buy one. Nope. All out of bloody baguettes, I had to settle for 3 small rolls which couldn't fit anything in. So I had to take my three rolls home and have them on the side with my bowl of salad.

I hoped my seminar in the afternoon wouldn't be cancelled, but thought I ought to check. So I emailed the course administrator and I was reassured that it would be taking place as usual. Great.

Oh by the way I forgot to tell you that my phone turned off and stopped working, which made it very difficult to arrange things with friends etc.

Anyway. I found out that the time I needed to go back to uni was at the same time as the bus's driver break, meaning I'd have to walk in... AGAIN. So I put my headphones in and set out.

Myself and course mates all waited outside our class room. Time went on and our lecturer was not there. Hmm, we thought. So eventually we found out that the lecturer had mistaken the time of the class for an hour earlier and thought that we hadn't turned up and had gone home. But the class started at 2pm not 1pm and so yet again I had to go home.

When I returned home, luckily my phone started working again. But my friends told me they were no longer going to our gym class in the evening and I realised that I too felt ill and wanted to cancel. I went on the app to cancel it and it said it was too late to cancel. Fantastic, now I have to go and work my arse off, when I'm ill, and angry and go onto campus for the 3rd flipping time today.

It's fair to say that today... is not my day.

My face right now ^^

Rant over.

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  1. Oh wow it really doesn't sound like your day at all!!! Everything seems to be going wrong, hopefully you'll have a fresh start feeling a lot better tomorrow! :)
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

  2. What a day you had! A day like this the last of your worries especially when you are feeling too well. I hope you are better now :)

    Sonam -



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