My Top 5 Tips For 3rd Year Students

January 24, 2016

Hello guys,

So as some of you may be aware if you follow the blog regularly, that I am a student. I am currently in my final year of study, studying Creative and Media Writing. University life comes with many challenges and experiences so I thought I'd share with you my top tips for 3rd years or any year for that matter. Enjoy :)

1.) Never force yourself to be someone you're not. There is no point because you'll end up being friends with the wrong people. This include never forcing yourself to do something you're not comfortable with. You must stay true to who you are, as it's easy to be led astray.

2.) Budget Budget Budget. It's extremely hard to do especially with rent, bills and food to buy. But saving here and there can be great and you can decide to treat yourself then from time to time. Spending all of your loan at once on something silly is going to be a massive regret.

3.) Don't be stingy with heating. This may be tricky as it obviously costs more to have the heating on longer, but I assure you it's worth spending a few extra pounds. It's not nice being able to see your breath in your bedroom. You don't want to get ill do you now? Put the heating on, don't freeze.

4.) Know your limits. Some people love to drink alcohol and can drink loads before losing control, others can't drink as much before feeling drunk. Some people don't like drinking at all. This is all okay as everyone is different, but it's important for you and others around you, to know this. Don't expect someone else to drink 10 pints, just because you can, and vice versa they shouldn't expect it from you. It's also completely okay to not drink at all, I promise you there are plenty of others who don't too.

5.) It's okay not to be okay. If you are not enjoying the uni experience, do not be afraid to speak to someone. It's okay if you decide that uni is not for you, but hiding it and putting yourself through misery is not worth it. Talk to your parents, they'll understand. They just want you to be happy.

So I hope if there are some aspiring students out there, that this has helped in somewhere. And maybe some of you are 3rd years too and can relate. What are your top tips for students? I'd like to hear them!

Speak soon

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