January 23, 2016

Hello, can you hear me... sorry I'm listening to Adele. 

So today, I'm back with another little beauty review for you all as I know how much you like them. Now this product was recommended to me by my best friend. She always said how good it was and how it worked but I was always sceptical. 
I have relatively  fine hair, so making it more volumous and big is always a struggle.
First of all the pot is quite big so even though Lush products aren't cheap, you feel like you're getting your money's worth, which is good.
It smells amazing and that was what I noticed first, I couldn't stop sniffing it! It's a really fresh soft smell, I love it.
It has an oily texture and has big chunks of sea salt in.
Now I only go the shampoo, in fact I'm not sure whether you can get the conditioner or not, as this was a gift.
I wondered whether you should even use conditioner with it or whether that would spoil the effect.
Personally I wouldn't just because I feel when I did, it didn't work so much. Having said that I was worried that only using shampoo would make my hair feel rough but it didn't so no worries there.
I have to say, blimey, this worked! I was surprised it worked so well. My hair felt thicker and had more volume, and it was great for styling.
I would highly recommend this product, and it's perfect for using before going out for a really top notch hair do!

Have any of you tried this, if so how did you find it?

Speak soon

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  1. This is my holy grail shampoo from Lush and I have been using it for a couple of years. I use conditioner afterwards and I find if I don't, the shampoo would strip my hair too squeaky clean.

  2. I love all things lush and I think this might be next on my wishlist!

    luce | luceellen xx



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