Slendertox Tea | Review

June 25, 2015

So I've seen many people posting reviews and pictures of this product and so I was thrilled when I was sent it to review on my blog! I love tea and so the idea of this made me really happy- that you could lose weight, cleanse and feel more energised by a cup of tea! Now I want to state that I wasn't exactly doing this for weight loss, I am happy with my body as everyone should be. I believe that we should love our bodies and what we should be concerned with is being and looking healthy- that's all that matters. However I was really excited to try out this product.

From my first day I noticed that it doesn't taste of much, a bit like Green tea, which is fine because I think it'd be very off putting if it tasted gross. It was easy to prepare- as tea tends to be- and was relaxing and refreshing to drink.

Now I have to stop now and say that I did not take it for the whole 14 days. My reasons being that I suffer from digestive problems as it is, and I felt as though it wasn't helping my matter- not worsening particularly, but I just felt it was better to not take it for too long. However that doesn't mean to say that the tea is bad or anything like that, but just for my health reasons I couldn't take it for too long periods at a time.

Now one of the biggest things with this product and I've read other reviews on it, and all have claimed the same, is that it, how can I put this discretely, it makes you go to the toilet a lot. This of course comes as a shock to most people and it isn't very pleasant. This being said, I believe that this is how the teatox works. It cleanses your colon. It does state on the package that this might/will happen, and so before you start your teatox you need to be aware of this and be okay with it. My belief is that perhaps after a week or so it settles down but I'm not too sure.

Having said that, I believe I lost about 2 pounds in 4 days which is pretty good! There are so many of these detoxing teas about and they seem to be the 'in' thing at the moment. Even celebrities are posting pictures of themselves with the teas. SO it is definitely worth looking into if you're serious about detoxing!  I am going to try using it again and seeing what results I get. I'll probably be posting update to Instagram and Twitter!

Like I said, I didn't stop taking it because it was bad or didn't work. I stopped due to health reasons. But if anyone else has tried it and would like to chip in, feel free to do so and join the conversation.

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