Oh Dear This Is Awkward....

January 23, 2014

Tag, we said. Let's play tag. That seemed liked a fantastic idea. You know, being my 20th birthday and we're at Playzone pretending to be young again, why not? So we all ran of course over the play area / assault course. I ran, I jumped, I fell. Ouch. I felt my head smash against something you'd assume would be soft but was actually quite hard, as it pushed my neck into my body and all I could hear was a crack. Ten minutes later I'm being asked to lie down in the middle of this play area. With paramedics on the way, I was feeling rather silly. When the Paramedics came they decided to called an ambulance and before I knew it I was being attached to a stretcher and neck brace. Okay, so this accident was actually a very serious matter, but to be honest I couldn't stop laughing. Being in the middle of a play area for kids, its quite hard to squeeze through gaps, let alone pull a person on a stretcher through it. The paramedics all struggled to climb through the play area carrying me, and we all found it very amusing. I had to wait in the neck brace and on the stretcher for around two hours which was not fun when you're bursting for the toilet, but needless to say I made it out of hospital that night, after a very amusing evening and 20th birthday.

Thank you to the Paramedics and Doctors who helped me and made my night very amusing! X

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