Go away rain, DON'T come back another day....

January 17, 2014

When looking out of the window this month at University, I've only seen one thing. Rain. Then some more rain. And, wait, yes more rain. Lots of it too. A blog about rain and weather probably does seem a bit cliche, however because the rain is so loud, it's actually hard to think about anything else, and thus my blog post. The clouds in Portsmouth seem to have a split personality. One minute they are a glorious summery blue with the sun beaming in our eyes,and the next moment you're having to change clothes because you've practically had a shower outside due to the rain. One day I want to put shower gel on and run outside and see if I can wash it all off before the rain stops. Okay, so most of us prefer it when it rains extremely hard and storms occur because its much more exciting- why rain at all if half hearted. But why is it these storms and downpours only seem to happen when we need to go somewhere- like lectures! It's no wonder why people feel miserable, it's the weather. It certainly makes me want to curl up in my duvet and pop on the box set of Lord of the Rings, with a cup of tea in one hand and a box of assorted biscuits in the other. Of course we have to praise the rain for its help with crops and such, but seriously rain, perhaps you could back off a little, we've had enough rain. You may as well have just poured the ocean on us.

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