What ever happened to good old fashioned fun?

January 16, 2014

Recently I've been struck by a question that I can't seem to shake off. What ever happened to good old fashioned fun? Being a University student, the stereotypical attitude towards fun is most probably drinking and clubbing, however if I'm quite honest my agenda includes quite the opposite. Do you ever think about how much fun you had as a child, running until your feet hurt or laughing hysterically until you could no longer breathe. What happened to that? All I see now a days is youngsters getting 'pissed' or 'wasted' everyday of the week, and what's worst is their genuine enthusiasm for doing it. Personally I do not see the appeal. All it does is leave people ill, injured and with a loss of dignity. Of course I would be a hypocryte if I didn't admit that I myself have had a few nights out where drinking has been the main event, but nevertheless I am proud to say that I have no further interest in carrying on that way. For sure, drinking on occasion is totally fine, and who's to say you can't do what you want. All i'm saying is we all need to remember what used to be good, and how much fun we used to have, without the involvement of 'booze'. The amount of people you see wondering the streets after endless nights out and endless pints. I think we should be a little disappointed in ourselves for letting alcohol take over ours lives and be known as a system of 'fun'. If we all just sat down and talked or played games and laughed like we used to, not only would we not lose dignity, or damage our bodies, but we might just realise alcohol is not needed to have fun. We need to realise that its not alcohol or a product as such which should control the fun, but its the people we share the fun with.

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