St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse Dark | Review

February 20, 2016

Hello my lovelies,

Sorry, I've been rather busy for the past week so haven't been very active on here, but thought I'd write a little post for you on this gloomy Saturday.

Now this fake tan product I have been using for years, it is the first proper fake tan that I really discovered and started using, I think I was about 14 when I first used it. Of course I probably suffered the accidental orangeness that everyone goes through, but to be honest I still occasionally suffer that!

This product is great for students because of how cheap it is, I think it's usually about £3.99 but I'm pretty certain I've picked it up for less before. That is a seriously good price compared to some of its competitors.

I've honestly had my ups and downs with this products. I used it all the time for about four years and it was fool proof, either that or I just hadn't discovered any other kinds. I then stopped using it because I found that it peeled off and faded rather patchy especially in the elbow creases (is that what we call them?). So after that I started using other products. I did however about two years ago go back to using this and found that it didn't go so patchy anymore, so whether my skin's condition has improved or the formula has. It does still sometimes so a bit patchy when fading but I think that is somewhat unavoidable with any fake tan.

The colour is great and the main reason I've stuck by this product it due to it's really dark result. I think St Moriz does give the darkest colour, which is great if you want a super bronzed glow. It's also not orangey which is fab. Compared to its cousin product shall we say, St Tropez, I think for the money it does a better job of tanning.

The smell is not great, in fact this seems to be one of the only tanning products I've tried where there isn't really a nicer smell attempting to cover up the fake tan smell. This, to me, purely smells of fake tan really. However this doesn't really bother me because you are going to get that either way, it is inevitable really. So this isn't necessarily a negative point, it's just to be expected.

It's easy to apply and has, like the St Tropez, the green tint to the mousse with I think adds the more brown colour rather than orange. It dries relatively quickly too but I would suggest air drying for a bit before applying clothes.

Overall I would recommend this product, mostly for students. It is so cheap and will not break the bank any time soon. It also lasts a really long time, you could get at least ten applications out of one bottle I'd say, which is fantastic! If you don't mind the smell of fake tan, this could be a life saver for anyone who wants a quick tan that is a lovely dark rich colour.

Speak soon

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  1. Me & my sister love this fake tan! It is so nice, I just hate the smell of it. But for a couple of pounds you really cant go wrong with this. The rimmel one is amazing too and it smells way nicer!! X

  2. Thank you to all my comments!



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