I don't have time to feel ill!

March 15, 2016

Hey my lovely sugarplum fairies

Once again I am back with yet another pathetic attempt at apologising for my absence. However I do have a good reason this time.

First of all, it's getting towards the end of term now and so I have several deadlines to meet and have been super busy trying to cram work and lectures in etc.

Secondly I have been majorly ill for like the past week now. I think it's the flu but it's been horrible. My throat literally felt as though it had been attacked with a cheese grater- not cool! And my cough, well, I sounded like Marvel barking- also not cool, although he is pretty cool as far as dog coolness goes. And now my nose is either dripping (gross I know sorry) or blocked up, and then there was the vomiting, ah lovely. So not good really, and now I'm stressing because I don't feel in the right mindset to do work because of feeling so rubbish, but knowing I'm running out of time doesn't help! Somebody send me a care package and an escape rope!

Anyway, I'm hoping the worst has come and gone and I'm drinking like a gazillion lucozades, which I know, bad for my teeth, but they are like the only thing that makes me feel a bit better because it's restoring my sugar levels, seeing as I'm not eating much. I did however manage some scrambled egg on toast. Weird that, actually because scrambled eggs usually make me sick nowadays, and now, that I am sick, and they made me feel better!

Anyway, again, I am hoping to do some lovely blog posts over the easter break, and I'll try and attempt some more either this week or next! But right now I have to focus on getting myself better and my dissertation!

Speak soon my loves

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  1. I hope you're feeling 100% very soon! xx




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