Deep Euphoria, silky underwear and feeling like an adult

March 04, 2017

Feeling like an adult... that's something that I've certainly been faced with more recently. I'm even at the stage of having to figure out mortgages... when did like get so real?!

For Christmas I received the lovely Deep Euphoria perfume from Calvin Klein, not physically, Calvin Klein himself did not come to Northampton to give me this gift...

It's a wonderfully sexy smelling perfume and makes me feel like I'm a successful adult when I wear it. Plus I believe the beautiful Margo Robbie was in the advert for this perfume, therefore, its selling point is pretty much sexiness, right?

Talking of thing I promised I'd start doing or at least aspired to do when I was younger was to wear silky, sexy underwear, all the time.

This is so unrealistic... sexy underwear, I'm sorry, it's just not practical. Unless you like having a wedgie, wearing a thong every day is just not something that I, or many women want to do. No!

And I don't know why we are forced to believe that having matching, pretty underwear will make us automatically have our lives together. I know no one is physically forcing us to, but growing up there is/was so much telling us that sexiness and beauty and success comes from the way we look or dress.

In films we see women wearing matching underwear and stylish expensive clothes... of course they are, they have a whole team of costume designers picking out stuff for that one scene; makeover programmes where women are stripped down to their pants and told that their underwear isn't helping their look were on every week.

And even now, in these different times, there is still a stigma over the way we all look. And it's a stigma that will always be there. Appearances are important, of course they are, but there are more important things, and I think we all tend to beat ourselves up far too much if we don't look a certain way.

To any girls or women out there who think they have to match their underwear, or think that all their pants should be silly frilly things... let me tell you.... you don't and they shouldn't. Never try to alter yourself because you think you aren't good enough. Because you are good enough!

I think when you're younger you think that as soon as you turn 20 you'll automatically be a confident 'has it all together' adult. But that just isn't true. Life is a big ol' learning curve. And I also have to say, where is the fun it wanting to be an adult all the time...?

Have some fun and stop trying so hard to be what you think an adult, or a sexy woman, or whatever else, should be.

I suppose my point to this post is: be yourself and don't try to be something you're not.

I will never be one of those women (if they even exist) who wear sexy matching underwear every day...

I will also never be Margo Robbie. Even when wearing this perfume, which is lovely... I'm not Margo Robbie, I am me. And that is fine, it's more than fine, I actually like me! And I smell great in this perfume.

And even though I am a grown up, it is still okay for me to make mistakes, enjoy having fun, and not know exactly what I'm doing...

The same goes for all you beauties out there.

What is it that makes you all feel good, or sexy?

How do you all keep sane with adulthood?

Let me know in the comments...

Speak soon

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