1st day- not a complete failure! #diet

December 04, 2015

Hello, so I thought I'd let you know how my first day of dieting went. Somehow I feel like blogging it will help, but who knows. Well it wasn't a complete failure, but it wasn't exactly a win.

The day started off well. I had a good sleep and had a dream about finding loads of dinosaur eggs which hatched to reveal slimy baby dinosaurs which were mint green. I had to get the eggs to the 'lab' asap but when I showed them to my lecturer (for some reason) he kept throwing up, which was a weird reaction I thought, but then again it was but a dream.

I had two clementines for breakfast and then I headed out to the gym. I probably burnt around 300 calories I reckon which isn't half bad I suppose (better than nothing!). I then walked around town for a little bit so shall we add 50 more calories to that? I'm going to!

Despite really craving pizza, I resisted and made myself some potato and leek soup for lunch. I'm afraid it was out of a can rather than homemade, but come on guys, I'm a student! I then had another clementine for pudding (I think!) and a cup of tea.

Not going to lie this is when it all went wrong. I made the mistake of picking up my box of Wonka sweets and of course this led to me having a few. And if you've had Wonka sweets you'll know how good they are, and you can't have just a few, you have to have lots. And, well, I finished the box off, but there wasn't THAT many in there. Look at me, trying to justify it!

I then continued to crave pizza but was good and resisted as much as I could. After staring at the Domino's webpage for about twenty minutes I closed my laptop and went downstairs to cook myself a curry. Not the healthiest of meals but the rice is a good source of energy (is it? Am I just making stuff up now?) and the chicken is good protein, and the sauce is just yummy! Although of course not all of this was fully prepared by me, and of course how could it be... I can't grow a chicken! But I do honestly feel like the best way to diet is to take your time and prepare all your meals yourself. that way you know exactly what you're putting into your body! Whilst cooking I munched on some frozen grapes, which by the way are amazing!!

After my curry I went further down hill and had four little cookies with a cuppa. And then another cuppa, and some of my chocolate Santa... and some more Wonka sweets. I'll brush my teeth well I promise!!!

So what can I say, it's only day one, and besides my sweet tooth, I think I did okay. I'm glad I got a little workout in and didn't cave too much.

I'm hoping it'll get easier but I fear the worst. Tomorrow's post (if I get round to one) could be about how I've given in. But let's try and be optimistic and pray that tomorrow brings good things!

Speak soon!

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  1. I think you did a great job for your first diet day! You didn't get dominoes which is a win in itself! :)



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